Friday, July 11, 2014

Monday Concerts in the Park

This past Monday evening, I finally made it out to Concerts in the Park for the first time this year. I have, of course, been in years past but had yet to make it out this summer. For one, I have Bible study every other Monday and night and then I guess my nights off from Bible study have also been busy with one activity or another. Jackie and I had planned on going a couple of weeks ago, but that particular day we both had exhausting days at work and decided not to go which worked out well because it ended up being rained out that night. 

Anyway, this past Monday, we finally got it together and made it out to the park. My dad came out too which was nice because he doesn't venture out much these days, or so it seems. My dad and I made it to the park about 6:15 and Jackie and the kids got there soon after. We set up at "our spot" which is under a magnolia tree and the weather was actually quite nice and it was comfortable and pleasant sitting outside. Our friends Paul and Leah and Leah's dad Kit also joined us and as it happened, Paul's parents sat close to us as well. 

Jackie brought food for her and the kids and Leah brought us sandwiches and a lot of other goodies and we even had watermelon from Paul's mom Lynn. My dad and I lucked out because we didn't bring anything but we ate really well. So, thanks to everyone for feeding us! I actually wasn't that hungry before the concert because I had participated in a wedding shower at work at the end of the day and indulged in goodies there. I took cash with me in case I wanted to get something from the food trucks but my friends were super generous in taking care of us for the night.

We all had a really nice evening talking and catching up. My dad and Paul talked about Madison Academy football quite a bit which was just fine with both of them I'm sure. At one point during the show, the chair Troy was sitting in broke and he fell through to the ground. Thankfully he was not injured and so it provided us with quite a few laughs. 

The Huntsville Concert Band played first and they treated us to quite a bit of John Phillip Sousa due to it being close to the Fourth of July. I am actually a lover of John Phillip Sousa and was pretty fired up when they started playing Stars and Stripes Forever. It will certainly get you in a patriotic mood. The second band that played was Rocket City Brass and they were just kind of mediocre, but still there were children dancing and everyone seemed to be having a really nice time. 

The concert ended around 8:00 p.m. and we all packed up our belongings and made a stop by Paul and Leah's Five Points Farm before heading our separate ways. Concerts in the Park only lasts a few more weeks and I hope to go the Monday nights we don't have Bible study, especially the last week when the US Army Material Command Band plays. If you have a chance, check it out, you'll be glad you did.

Concerts in the Park Schedule for the Remainder of 2014
July 14: JED Eye, Radio X
July 21: Unknown Lyric, .45 Surprise
July 28: Disc Oasis, Groove
August 4: The US Army Material Command Band 

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