Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ode To Diet Coke

This Ode to Diet Coke was posted on my old blog last year. I really like it and of course, my love for Diet Coke hasn’t wavered since then. So, I thought I would post it here on The Chronicles of Nat. Enjoy!

I love Diet Coke! When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher, Miss Foutch (now Mrs. Davis) drank three or four, heck, maybe even five Diet Cokes a day and I never understood why. I would always ask her, “Miss Foutch, why do you drink so many diet cokes?” You see, I thought Diet Coke was gross, I much preferred the sugary Coca-Cola Classic. As I got older, a junior in college at the University of Alabama to be exact, I discovered the joy a Diet Coke can bring a girl. When the can is really cold and that dark delicious cola pours down your throat, it is simply satisfying and delicious! There was a time when I became like Miss Foutch and drank four or five Diet Cokes in a day. But, I’m much more sensible now and typically only have one a day. Occasionally I will have two, well, maybe even three on a really crazy day. And so, I have written an Ode to Diet Coke.

When my stomach’s achy and I feel like I might croak,
all I need to pick me up, is a little Diet Coke.
When I’m feeling poor and I tell folks that I’m broke,
I surely hope that I can afford a Diet Coke.
When my dog is laying beside me and I give her a little poke,
wouldn’t it be cool, if she could fetch me a Diet Coke?
When my day is crazy and I’m really tired of folks,
all I need to calm me is a little Diet Coke.

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