Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Terry's Pizza

For those of you that live in the Huntsville area, you are probably familiar with Terry’s Pizza. Terry’s Pizza was a Huntsville staple for many years until its closing in 2005. It had been open for 48 years according to a post I read. I had intended to put some information about Terry’s pizza in this post, but haven’t been able to find much on the history of the establishment. I can tell you that my parents used to go on dates there. You can now get Terry’s Pizza at Star Market in Five Points.
This is Star Market

So, on Saturday, I traveled the one mile down to Star Market and picked up a small sausage Terry's Pizza. I traveled by car, because, well, it was cold outside. It was around noon and my boyfriend Tony hadn’t called me to tell me he was hungry, so, I figured that meant I was on my own for eating lunch. I didn’t feel like cooking anything, it being my birthday weekend and all. So, I called up Star Market and ordered a small sausage pizza.

This is my pizza!

I went to pick it up and my mouth was watering before I got home. I was rather hungry.

Doesn't it look yummy?

It was yummy! I ate half of this one. It only costs $5, which is a steal. I had the leftovers for lunch yesterday. Well, I shared with my dog - both meals. Anyway, if you live in Huntsville and are looking for a yummy pizza, try Terry's at Star Market in Five Points, you won't be disappointed.

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