Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Thought I Had Nothing To Say

Well, I wish I had some more exciting news to share with you today, but I don’t. I’ve tried to think of something all morning to write about and nothing has come to mind. So, maybe if I just start typing my mind will start wandering into a rambling of nothingness and I will end up with a post of some sort.

Today is Oprah’s last show – can you believe it? I certainly can’t. I mean, I guess she’s ready to move on or whatever but it’s going to be weird without Oprah in the afternoons. I’ve not ever been what I would consider a loyal Oprah viewer. I would usually tune in if I happened to be home in the afternoons or I would record it if she had a guest on that I was interested in hearing from; but this season, I’ve watched more than usual since it’s been her last. I record all of the episodes and then watch the ones that are of interest to me and sometimes even the ones that aren’t. I’ve really enjoyed watching and now wish I had watched more in the past. You know, Oprah has done a lot of good for people too. She’s sent lots of people to school through her scholarship fund and she’s always giving things to her audience and she just generally seems like a very compassionate and nice person. I’ve also been watching the Behind the Scenes show that comes on her new network, OWN, and have loved it! It’s very interesting to see how show ideas come about and all the prep work involved, etc. So, Oprah, I’ll miss you and I wish you all the best! (Like she’s going to read this.)

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve set up an appointment to have the world wide internets installed at my house – I’m actually getting pretty excited about it. I feel like I’m moving up in the world or something. Anyway, I was in need of purchasing a wireless router before the installation guy came out and lo and behold, my friend Robert from work had an extra one and he brought it to me today. Free of charge! He just saved me about $40 or $50 and I’m really grateful for that. The router works fine and he already set up a network for me too. He bought a new one for his house and didn’t need this one any longer. Robert is the type of guy that is always buying the newer version of things so he always has an older version lying around his house. I told him I would bake him a cake in return for the router since he didn’t want any money for it. Robert is a fan of my baked goods. Thanks Robert! You rock! (Pretty sure he’s not going to be reading this either.)

As you know, we were without power here in Huntsville for about five days after the April 27th tornado outbreak. I mentioned on this blog that Huntsville Utilities did a great job getting the power back on, and they did. In May, HU went to a new billing system and everyone’s meter dates were changed. My meter used to be read around the first of the month and my bill was always due on the 25th. Well, in May, my meter was read on the 18th and I FINALLY got my bill on the 21st. I’m probably the only person in America praying that the utility bill would come. You see, I’m a budgeter and my utility bill is budgeted for a certain time period. Well, now it’s due in a different time period than I’ve got it budgeted for and my whole budgeting system is in a state of havoc. I’ll get it all figured out in due time, but I’ve got to tell you, it’s a pain when you’re used to paying on one date and now it’s due on a completely different date. Plus, I’ve also read from their own web site that the meter reading dates for June are going to be different from the ones in May – so who knows when the heck my next bill will be due. To top it all off, this billing cycle was longer than normal, which I knew it would be, but I was without power one whole week (almost) and didn’t run my AC another three weeks of that period and my bill was still high. I don’t get it. Now the days are getting hotter than blazes and there will be no utility bill relief in sight until October (if then).

So, I’ve mentioned Dore Holte on here numerous times – about how I’m completely fascinated with him and the crazy helmets he wears when he runs alongside the riders in the cycling races. Yesterday, I sent a tweet to the producer at Vs. and told him he should do a profile piece on Dore Holte. He responded with “Considering It”. I couldn’t be more thrilled. This was such exciting news. I emailed Tony this morning and told him about it so he too could sent a tweet to the producer about doing a piece on Dore Holte. So, if you’re on Twitter and want to join in our crusade to get a profile on Dore Holte during the Tour, then you can send him a tweet as well, his handle is @joelfelicio.

I really despise untrustworthy people.

I’m sure if I sat here long enough I could think of something else to ramble on about, but I need to do something more productive I suppose. Hope everyone has a happy hump day!

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Erika said...

I can empathize about the Hsv Utilities bill....My due date has changed - totally throwing off the pay period I usually pay that bill out of, AND this bill was for 45 days! So needless to say I am not quite a happy camper with their new system, but give kudos to all their utility workers for doing such a good job during the storm. I must be even more "old school" than I thought, b/c I miss the postcard sized bills.

Have you had a run-in with an untrustworthy person lately??? I'll have to get the scoop on that!