Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Tour of My Cubicle - Part One

Once again, I’m grasping at straws in regards to writing a post today. You’d think a single gal would lead a fun, adventure-filled life; but, alas, all I did yesterday was work, go to church, and watch TV. Not so thrilling after all, huh?

So, while I was sitting here at my desk, the idea came to mind that I could give you all a pictorial tour of my cubicle – the place where I spend the majority of my life. (Tune song “My Cubicle”).

We will start with the desk area to the right of where I sit all day long. There is a black filing cabinet here that serves as an extension of my desk. On it usually sits my pink notebook (which I currently use for taking notes in meetings), my calculator, a steno notebook (used for note taking on one specific daily call), a stapler and a plant that my friend Brenda gave me for my birthday this year. It’s a violet of some sort, but blooms in crimson rather than violet. It’s pretty when it’s blooming and currently has one leaf that has far exceeded the others in growing tall.

Moving to the left, my daily calendar sits there along with my mouse and polka dot mouse pad. Under that polka dot mouse pad is a Napoleon Dynamite mouse pad, but the mouse doesn’t move as smoothly when using it so I have to use the polka dot instead. Why do mouse pads get so dirty anyway? Also in this area is hand sanitizer, lotion, a bright yellow highlighter, a basket that holds my paper clips and a candle holder that serves as a pen, pencil, scissor and business card holder. Oh, there’s also a picture of me as a wee lass there too – I’m playing with the adding machine my dad kept in his office; I guess it was inevitable that I ended up working in finance. You can also see the chapstick I keep on my keyboard. I probably use it 100 times a day - I'm a cahpstick addict.
Moving even further to the left is my phone which currently has a rubber mouse on it. As mentioned on The Chronicles of Nat before, we had a bit of a bug problem here at work and bugs fell from the ceiling onto my head on a daily basis. Around this time, someone left this rubber mouse on my desk. I never found out who did it, but I suspect it was my friend Phil who passed away back in January. Today there is also a variety of drinks sitting in this area. I have a cup from this morning which had orange juice in it and also a can of ginger ale and the cup from which I was drinking the ginger ale. I had a craving for ginger ale this week. There’s also a napkin in this area and you can usually find a tissue here as well. Today my check book is laying here because it's pay day which means I was paying some bills this morning.

On around is my printer and then in this next photo we get to some things hanging on the cubicle walls. That’s the banner I got on the home opener of the 2002-2003 Carolina Hurricanes hockey season. I lived in North Carolina then and made the hour or so trek over to Raleigh for a game one night – by myself! I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, but that didn’t stop me! Underneath is my trusty hole punch which I seem to use on a daily basis because we like to kill trees around here and use as much paper as we possibly can. There are also some file folders in this area which I rarely use and another holder of pens and such.

Having fun yet? As we continue our way to the left, we find my desk calendar which helps to keep me organized as well as some old notebooks I used during meetings of long ago and also some dictionaries and grammar guides. I like to have good grammar and spelling – very important trait! Also sitting here is my coupon organizer which will be put to good use tomorrow afternoon when I go to Publix for my weekly shopping trip. There is also a box of tissues here which I use every day thanks to my constant sinus drainage and the fact that I sit under a moldy musty water catching device. Well, actually it’s over the cubicle next to me which used to be Tony’s, but I’m close enough to it that I contribute the constant blowing of my nose to it.

Above the aforementioned area is the 2011 SEC football schedule and also painting of an elephant holding a Roll Tide fan. I don't think you can see the schedule in this photo, but it's to the right.

I think we will wrap things up here for today and continue the cubicle tour tomorrow. I know you can hardly wait. See you then! By the way, these photos were taken using the Retro Camera App on my phone which I downloaded from Amazon for free over the weekend thanks to a tip from my co-worker and fellow blogger Matt.


Erika said...

What is up with that one violet leaf??? Hilarious.

It is interesting to see your home away from home! Sad that we spend so much time at work, isn't it?

Thanks for the glimpse into your work life!

Candy said...

Can you bring me my chapstick? My lips hurt real bad!