Friday, May 13, 2011

We Had Some Fun Too

Not sure what happened with blogger yesterday, but I posted this for a little while, blogger started having difficulties, shut down and this post disappeared. Blogger is now up and running again as of about 25 minutes ago and so I’m going to try and post this again. Hopefully it will stay around this time. Enjoy the post and have a good weekend!

It has been busy at work this week, ya’ll, and as a result, this blog has suffered a little. I apologize to those of you who come here daily to read about what is or isn’t going on in my life. Hopefully things will calm down soon and I’ll be back to blogging on a somewhat more regular and timely basis.

In the mean time, I thought I would share a few more pictures with you from mine and my brother’s recent trip to Tuscaloosa. Since the Nick Saban statue was revealed at the A-Day game back in early April, I have not even seen a picture of it. I figured they would put one in the newspaper the next day, but I wasn’t so lucky. So, since my sorority house is close to where all the championship coaches’ statues are, Justin and I decided we should go by and check out the new statue and see if it met our approval (especially since we wouldn’t have to fight 100,000 other people just to get a glimpse).

There were a few people milling about, but not a lot and we were able to each get our photo taken with the statue thanks to the camera feature on my phone. Seriously, there are a lot of Kodak moments taken on phones these days, although maybe they should be called Android moments or iPhone moments or Blackberry moments, you get the point.

There was an older couple checking out the new statue as well and they were all decked out in their Bama gear as if it was game day. I told Justin to offer to take their photo and they said yes and so he took a couple of them and the Saban statue. Then the man asked if we wanted a photo together and we handed over my phone and gave him a quick tutorial on the touch screen and he took a photo of the two of us.

After the photo session, we headed to the book store and I bought Justin a shirt as his belated birthday present (May 3) and then we ate lunch at Firehouse Subs before pointing the car North and heading back home.

It was a nice day and it was also nice to spend some time with my brother. I’m glad he took some time out of his schedule to drive down to Tuscaloosa with me.


Jackie said...

You rock! You write the best blog I have ever read!

Erika said...

Glad you and Justin had a good day!
I had no idea they had statues of coaches on campus - shows you how out of the football loop I am :)