Friday, May 27, 2011

A Tour of My Cubicle - Part Two

Today we will continue with the tour of my cubicle (cue music) – hope you enjoyed day one; although I doubt it.

As we make our way towards the left of where we ended yesterday, we find a menagerie of photos in the corner of the desk area. All of these are of me, my parents, and The Tide or some combination of the three. This is also the area where my purse sits all day long. I’ve never been one to lock my purse away although I probably should be. Yesterday morning it was raining and so I had on a light wind breaker and it is sitting here as well. Most days I bring my lunch, but I had no leftovers or anything else for that matter to bring yesterday, so I ate in the cafeteria. Most days though, my lunch bag sits here after lunch as well as my breakfast dishes. There is also a poster of Fenway Park and a Fenway sign in this corner of my work world.

Further to the left we have a collection of random wall hangings. There are the framed tickets to the 2001 GMAC bowl, which were the first complementary tickets I received when working as a Sports Information Director. Also included in this hodge podge of items is a 2011 calendar, a poster of the 2009 Tour de France route, the two first prize ribbons I won in the 2009 cake contest (thanks to Erika’s help), a printout from Tony of Captain Phil, a sheet off of an old Napoleon Dynamite memo mouse pad (gift from Jackie), and a magazine ad for Man vs. Wild. If that’s not an eclectic collection, I don’t know what is.

To the left of all that randomness, begins my marker board, which currently has “I HATE COMPUTERS” written on it (by me) and the response, “Operator Issue!!!” written by my good friend David. I have little patience when it comes to computers and David is a techie. Also in this area are some markers for the marker board, a map of the 2011 Tour de France route and a random diagram I drew when trying to explain something.

Back over to the left in the area that is above my phone (guess I should have included this area yesterday – oh well) is a shelf which is home to a variety of knick knacks. There’s a file holder, a birdhouse which has a picture of Captain Phil on it (compliments of Tony), the ceramic cats Tony won at Bingo at Hardee’s which were dubbed Cornelia and Marie, a calendar Sabrina brought back from Italy last year, a sand creature I made at Opryland when I was about 10 years old, and a couple of baskets, one which hold various gadgets such as a yo-yo and a spinning rabbit. There is also a rock from Lake Ontario, a skull which held Halloween candy, a couple of mugs from customers, a clock which was the media gift at the 2001 NCAA Frozen Four, a tiara I was given for my birthday back in 2009, some Q-tips painted in magic maker which were melted into some plastic in one of the labs here, and an elephant which holds a picture of each of Jackie’s kids. I realize you can’t really see all of that in this photo, but it’s all there, I promise.

Directly in front of me is a corner and in that corner is a calendar of scenes from Paris and to the left of that is a “poster” Tony made when the 2008 Olympics were taking place in Beijing. It has a picture of Vince Vaughan on it from the movie Old School (the one where he’s smoking and performing a routine on the rings) and above it is the Beijing 2008 logo – it still cracks me up! To the right of the calendar which you really can’t see is a bag which I use for when I need to take my laptop home and also a smock for when I need to go out on the floor and a cape for when I need a little extra warmth. There is also a basket hanging here which has more markers for the marker board. In this corner is also a chair for those who care to come for a chat can sit and rest their weary legs.

On the other side of the shelf I showed earlier are the magnetic name plates of some people who no longer work here. They either left or were laid off, or passed away. I don’t know how I ended up with this collection, but I did. I took a photo of it, but decided not to use it to protect the innocent.

So, that’s it folks, that’s where I spend the majority of my life – in my cubicle (cue music). I hope you enjoyed this little tour; but, more importantly, I hope you have a really great holiday weekend!


Erika said...

Maybe it's time to clean off those shelves...haha!

Do you ever play Win Lose or Draw on your dry erase board???

Thanks for the tour - I'm glad your space has things you like and reflects your personality.

Alison said...

Your cube has such personality! I had an office for years and I never had such a representation of me-ness. People were always asking if I was new. :)

Candy said...

Love the tour. I wondered what it looked like. I had forgotten about that cats! haha! Andrew wants a Fenway park picture for his office...know where I can get a decent/cheap one?

Kimberly Washer said...

Ummm I feel like that is one huge cubicle!!! As I reading even just the first one I thought "how is she going to make 2 posts out of this?" However, you did it!! That is some major randomness!!! LOVE IT!