Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Movie Review - Something Borrowed

This past weekend I saw not one, but two movies; which is kind of crazy for me these days considering I haven’t been to the movie theater since January, and I’m really not even sure that counts considering it was the $1 movies.

On Friday, Jackie and I went out for dinner at I Love Sushi and then headed over to the theater to see Something Borrowed. When Jackie saw the preview for it she asked me to go with her. We both read the book a couple or five years ago (I lose track of time) and so that in conjunction with the fact that the always cute and charming John Krasiniski was in the film made it a must see for this BFF duo.

When we arrived at the theater there was a group of three women sitting on the back row. A few minutes after we sat down one of them said, “Ladies, ladies, excuse me, but do you know what this movie is about?” So, we gave a brief synopsis of the book – two girls in love with a guy, a romantic comedy. They seemed satisfied with that answer and then a few minutes later asked what time it started. I don’t know if they snuck in to the theater or what (in all honesty, sneaking in wouldn’t have been hard to do considering there was no ticket taker) but it seemed as though they were clueless when it came to what was about to take place in auditorium number 5. By the time the film was supposed to start, a few more girls trickled in and even a man or two.

Having read the book a movie is based on always makes me a tough critic of what I’m watching on the screen. In this case, it helped considerably that it’s been a long while since I read the book because I had a hard time remembering what took place and Jackie has to refresh my memory. As the film progressed along, I remembered more and more. So, as best I can remember, this film followed the book rather closely. The author admitted there were some small changes, but I couldn’t even tell you what they were. Long story short, the changes compared to the book weren’t significant enough to make me rip the film apart, as was the case of Percy Jackson.

If you are unfamiliar with the premise of the book or the film, I’ll sum it up briefly. Rachel and Darcy grow up together as BFF. Rachel and Dex go to law school together and Rachel has a crush on Dex and Dex on Rachel but neither admits it. Dex and Darcy end up meeting and dating and eventually get engaged. Rachel and Dex finally admit their feelings for one another. In between there’s a lot of interesting happenings if you will. Who gets Dex in the end? Well, you’ll have to read the book or watch the film to find out.

The atmosphere in the theater was good for this film. I felt like I was watching with a big group of girlfriends. Everyone was laughing and there was some talking out loud back at the movie screen which cracked me up. At the most tension-filled moment in the movie, the screen went black and the sound cut off. I thought we might be having one of those Huntsville power outages that are so famous these days since our utility system is beyond fragile thanks to the tornadoes of April 27; but, no it was some other malfunction. They got the movie up again after a minute or two and the last five minutes of the film played for us and then it was all over.

This movie has gotten some really rotten ratings and to be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that I had read the book, John Krasiniski was in it, and Jackie wanted to go, then I probably wouldn’t have seen it in the theater. It was better than I thought it was going to be and I actually enjoyed watching it and had a few good laughs. If you’re on a tight budget and only save your movie going for the best of movies, then you might want to skip this one (rent it a few months from now) and go to the movie I’ll be reviewing tomorrow instead. But, if you are looking for a cute movie to see with the girls, then this one definitely fits the bill.


Jackie said...

Movie was cute enough that it distracted my nose from the fact that my seat or something near my seat smelled like a locker room:)

Erika said...

I'll have to go see this; my kind of movie :)
Can't wait for the next movie review!