Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Saga Continues

I’m sure you are all sitting on the edge of your seats with bated breath wondering what progress has been made on the renovation of my spare bedroom; and I’m here to give you the answer. NONE! That’s right, folks, since last we spoke, there has been absolutely no progress made on the chaos and disorder that is currently my home. I told you there was no way it was only going to take one week – we are already in week three. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

I was told that the hardwood floors were ordered and that they would be in on Wednesday or Thursday of last week (LAST WEEK!). I talked to my dad on Thursday who told me that the repair man told him the floors wouldn’t be coming in until this week (September 7 or 8) and my dad also said he really even doubted that the floors had been ordered and I should probably just go down to Lowe’s and pick something out in order to get it faster.

So, last Thursday, I went to Home Depot after my spin class and bought all the paint I needed and supplies. Home Depot was able to make the same paint color for all the paint I needed – bedroom, hallway, and trim! On Friday afternoon, I went to Lowe’s to pick out some flooring. After much debate and conversation with the Lowe’s employees, I finally decided on something and put in my order. Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not carry the hardwood in stock and so the flooring had to be ordered – ORDERED! When I first wrote this post yesterday to be posted today, the floors still had not arrived; but, miracle of miracles, I got a call yesterday afternoon saying that the floors had arrived. Hallelujah! I was beginning to wonder if I would live the rest of my days in a house that looks like the home of a hoarder. Seriously, ya’ll the mess of it all is driving me bonkers.

My brother and I had plans to paint this past weekend. I was going to wait until the floors were installed so as to lessen the risk of freshly painted walls getting scuffed up. My dad, however, said to go ahead and paint before the floors were installed. Then my brother talked with the repair guy at church who said, yes, the walls would get scuffed again and don’t paint until after the floors are installed. Are you following this? Let me sum it up for you, nothing is going according to plan, my house remains in a state of disarray, and I am about to have a nervous breakdown.

In other news, I worked football this past Friday night and my brother accompanied me as my spotter. The game was atrocious, but we had a good time. He took a photo of us with his phone, but then apparently erased it so I have no proof that we were working instead of up to foolishness.

On Saturday, I cooked breakfast, of which my brother ate three plates. That boy is an eatin’ fool! We went to my parents’ house Saturday and watched the Alabama game and then grilled out steaks. On Sunday night, my brother stayed over again as this was the night we were originally going to paint. We instead watched a movie and my brother kept asking if it had a plot; apparently he didn’t think it did.

Monday morning I drove my brother to work and then spent the rest of the day doing this, which I posted about yesterday – I like to keep it interesting and post happenings in reverse order. Hopefully I’ll be back with an update regarding some actual completed work on the house soon. Keep your fingers crossed for some progress over the course of the next few days; otherwise I may be blogging from a hotel room.

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Erika said...

I'm sorry your house is such a mess - I know you like to keep things tidy. Maybe they will kick it in high gear now that the floors are here!
Glad you and Justin had a nice weekend, too.