Monday, September 12, 2011

This Was My Weekend

Happy Monday, folks! I hope everyone enjoyed a fun-filled weekend. Mine was busy at times and relaxing at others, which equals quite enjoyable in my book.

On Friday night, I headed out to Madison County High School to cover their game against Etowah. My brother came with me again this week and we actually saw what turned out to be a really great game. I, being the low man on the totem pole, don’t usually get to see good games so it was quite refreshing to say the least. We hit up the concession stand (which was just as slow this year as in years past) for hot dogs and nachos which seems to be our go-to foods this football season. Justin made mention that he might write something up about our experience out at MCHS so I will stay on him about that and maybe we can get a good guest post out of him.

Photo taken by Justin - in the MCHS press box

After the game, I drove him home and wrote my story and when I tried to file, I couldn’t get logged on to the internet then I couldn’t get my dad’s computer to work so I abandoned ship, drove home and filed my story within two minutes of walking in the door. It was still nine minutes late, but made the Saturday morning edition and this time with my name attached which isn’t always a guarantee.

Saturday morning, I got up and managed to get the floors mopped and the bathroom cleaned and then went to the gym, or maybe it was the other way around. At any rate, I went to spin class Saturday morning and afterwards went to Lowe’s to pick up quarter round for the second time in three days. This time I got the right stuff, or at least I hope to heck so. Brad, who helped me on Thursday night, wasn’t around so I managed to tie the trunk down and get everything loaded up all on my own – I’m cool like that.

Quarter round - on the dash...

through the backseat and into the trunk.

Then Saturday about 12:30, I met Jackie at Nadeau to look for a new desk. I had seen one I liked in their online photo album and wanted to take a look at it as well as any others they might have. I liked the one I had seen online and ended up buying it. I have been using one of those put together desks from Target for a few years and wanted something sturdier and more like a real piece of furniture. This one has a parquet top and is actually probably more like a side table or foyer table, but I’ll be using it as a desk and am really thrilled with the purchase. If you haven’t been to Nadeau, you should check it out. They have great furniture at really reasonable prices, or at least I think they are reasonable.

We loaded up the desk in Jackie’s SUV, dropped it off at the house and then ordered and went to pick up a pizza from Sam and Gregg’s. When we got downtown to get the pizza, all the roads around the square were blocked off for an art stroll of sorts and so I basically parked in the middle of a street and put my flashers on while we went inside to get the pizza. Thankfully, I didn’t get a ticket or get towed or anything of the sort.

We chowed down on the pizza and then settled in to watch the Alabama game. I laid on the couch with The Tide and Jackie stretched out in the large chair in the den. The Tide was the most comfortable of us all as you can see from the pictures below. After halftime, Jackie moved the mattress from the guest bed (which was already in the den) to the floor and stretched out there and we all three, humans and dog, slept through the third quarter. Yes folks, we call ourselves hardcore Alabama fans. We all woke up some time in the fourth quarter and watched the last few minutes of the game.

The Tide loves to sleep...

in any position

Saturday evening I spent most of the night reading the second book in the Stieg Larrson series. It is so good I don’t want to put it down. Once you get in to one of those books, it’s like you can’t stop reading.

Sunday was spent at church, napping, reading, and doing a little painting. Justin was supposed to have come over to help paint the spare bedroom but wanted a day off and so we are going to paint tonight. I went ahead and painted the quarter round while listening to the Greatest Hits of Hootie and the Blowfish (ya’ll I love me some Hootie, thanks to Dave P. from Staten Island!) and because I was in the zone so to speak, went ahead and painted all the baseboards too.

So, that was the weekend. Hopefully Justin and I can knock out the painting of the walls rather quickly this evening and then all that will be left will be mopping the floor and moving the furniture back in. Yea! An update with pictures will be coming tomorrow. Until then…


Kimberly Washer said...

YAY!! Almost done!! I hope I'm able to attach this comment!! It was good to see you yesterday and when we got in the car my mom said, "That Natasha, she sure does crack me up!" :)

Oh and I love the pictures of The Tide.

Jackie said...

Oh The Tide she is such a cutie!!

Erika said...

Those pics of The Tide are great!
Glad you had a good weekend.

Alison said...

I can't wait to see the completed floor! Woot! By the way, if The Tide ever needs a place to stay, let me know. She would have lots of attention and room to roam. She's so adorable. It's good to see a pic of you and Justin looking so smiley!