Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Last night, my friend Lisa came over to help me move furniture and clothes back into the spare bedroom and also helped with a new furniture setup and we also managed to get some things hung on the wall. It was quite a successful evening if I do say so myself. I must admit though, after two straight days of working my real job and then coming home to work on the house until bedtime, I am rather exhausted today and there is still work to be done.

Lisa and I both arrived at the house about 5:30 or a little before. After eating Steak-Out for dinner, we got to work. We moved the bed in and arranged the desk and then moved in the storage cabinet that holds all the DVDs. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like the new set up because it’s a bit of a tight squeeze to get in to the room, but after looking at it all through the night, I really like it a lot. It opens up the room and makes it seem a lot bigger, which is nice. Lisa said, and I agree, that I should probably get some sort of rug to go under the desk. So, I will be on the look out for one on the coming months.

Lisa was kind enough to help me move the clothes back into the closet as well as the sheets and towels. We also sorted through the DVDs and I threw out quite a few. Well, I didn’t throw them in the trash bin per se, Lisa took them with her to put in a garage sale. She and her husband, Derek are going by the house today to take the old desk, desk chair and small TV with them, all also for the garage sale. Maybe I’ll make a few dollars from the garage sale to buy that rug I mentioned.

We also set up some new shoe racks I bought from Crate and Barrel and put my shoes on them. The shoe racks worked out great and look so much better than just a pile of shoes on the closet floor, which was what was there before. I forgot to take a picture of these this morning, but will take one later on and post for you all to see. The racks were on sale – two for $26 and like I said look great. So, hopefully they will hold up.

This morning I was able to walk to my closet and pick out clothes to wear for the first time in almost a month. It was a really strange feeling not to pull something from out of a pile. I don’t know why, but the closet rack seemed to be taller – maybe I just forgot what it was like to actually use a closet.

Over the next few days, I will be going through all the storage boxes and whatnot that go in the closets and hopefully throwing out some things that haven’t been used in forever. With any luck, the house will be completely back to normal and clean by the end of the weekend. It brings a happy tear to my eye!

This afternoon, I’m heading out to Hobby Lobby to have a couple of prints framed and Lisa and I are going to hang those on the wall beside the bed. I got the prints in Paris and am really thrilled I will be able to use them in the house. Once everything is complete, I’ll take some final photos, but in the meantime here are a few for you.

The bed used to be here, now it's my desk.
The chair is from my sorority house at Alabama. I will hopefully be recovering the fabric soon, with the help of my friend Janet.

The cabinet of DVDs was moved to this area between the two closets.

The bed is now here which is where the cabinet of DVDs once was as well as the old desk.
Yes, I will be finding a home for all those things on the bed. I told you I'm not quite finished yet.

This night table used to be on another wall but is now placed here.

The view of the bed as you walk into the room.


Candy said...

Looks great and I agree, looks bigger than before. You and Lisa did a nice job!

Jackie said...

It looks REALLY good like that.

Erika said...

Looking good! I like the new arrangement.