Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Black Lung

I didn’t do much this past weekend, which seems to be kind of the norm right now. That’s how it goes during college football season. I may not enjoy hearing about it all day long at work, but I sure do enjoy watching it all day on Saturday. I’m just one of those folks who, by the time Monday rolls around, am done talking about last Saturday’s game and am looking ahead to the next game. Call me crazy.

Last Friday after work, I stopped by the hospital and visited with my friend Amy and her newborn baby Aubrey. Lucky for me when I got there, Amy and Aubrey were all by themselves – probably hoping for a moment or two of complete quiet – and I got to hold the little gal uninterrupted for nearly an hour before some other people showed up. It was so nice. Of course, Amy may have rather had the time to herself, but hopefully she also enjoyed our visit.

After I left the hospital, I broke out the high school alma mater sweat shirt (Hoover Bucs) and my dad and I went out to Madison for the Bob Jones vs. Hoover playoff game. We both expected Bob Jones to get trampled, but surprisingly, it was a very good game, full of unexpected turnovers and a Bob Jones lead for much of the game. Hoover ended up winning, which I didn’t care one way or the other, but I always enjoy a good excuse to break out some high school clothing.

Saturday morning, The Tide and I met my cousin Alexandra and her precious baby Indigo at Hayes Nature Preserve. Alexandra took some photos of me and The Tide for our 2011 Christmas card. No offense to the ones Jackie took the weekend before, but A is great with a camera and I was hoping she would be able to get some better shots in the soft morning light as opposed to the bright afternoon light we were working with the previous weekend. She got some pretty good shots. I think the very last one we took is my favorite and is probably the one I’m going to use on this year’s card.

When we were done with the photo session, I stopped by the grocery store and then Little Rosie’s where I got some grub for my belly. Once home, I unloaded the groceries, put away the cold things, ate the yummy food from Little Rosie’s and then proceeded to sleep for the next three hours or so. In fact, Erika even stopped by while I was sleeping and I didn’t have a clue she was even standing on the front porch. I thought The Tide was barking at a squirrel or something and didn’t budge from my comfy position on the sofa. I basically spent the remainder of the weekend in a sinus medicine haze, sleeping on an off for many hours at a time. I’ve had this sinus cough and congestion for two straight weeks. Finally, after drugging myself and resting this past weekend, I am feeling some better. Although the coughing is a wee bit out of control, especially at night when I am trying to sleep and end up in terrible coughing fits. I am beginning to think I’ve got the Black Lung, or TB. I don’t know which but I’m sure the folks at work are tired of hearing me cough and I’m sure The Tide is as well. I know my body is tired of coughing because at times it feels like my ribs are bruised and my brain is tired of bouncing back and forth in my thick skull each time I cough. I think I’m going to have to make another trip to the doctor, unfortunately.

That’s it for today. Come back for tomorrow’s post about mine and Jackie’s night out on the town. It will be well worth the read I hope. Have a lovely day!

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Erika said...

I hope you feel better!
Can't wait for tomorrow's post!