Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Senior Dog

I got a magazine in the mail this past week. It was from my vet’s office. While it’s not that unusual – they do come in the mail about every six months – this one caught me a little off guard. There was a coupon on the front that said I could save 45% on my dog’s senior health package. Huh? Since when is The Tide a senior dog?

The Tide is now nine years old. I don’t know how old a dog has to be to be called a senior dog, but apparently nine years old falls within the senior dog ranks. Who knew? Certainly not me. I’ve never even thought of The Tide as a senior dog.

The Tide once had jowls that were black as night, now they are practically white as snow, or grey, depending on how you look at it. She’s got some signs of being senior, but to me she’s just the same loveable pup I brought home with me nine years ago. The old gal still has quite a spring in her step and can be just as mischievous as she was when she weighed only five pounds. She’s young at heart, I would say, which is what matters the most.

I don’t know how many more years this old senior dog of mine has left to be a senior dog, but I certainly hope it’s quite a few more.

Does this look like a senior dog to you?

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Alison said...

Our dog is four and she's a sweet, lazy creature. I'm actually glad. We wanted a low energy dog and that's what we got. She's definitely a couch dog! Tide is super cute and I look forward to post featuring her.