Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Festival and More Fun!

This should be the last post regarding Halloween related activities. When you cram everything into a day or so, you end up with a lot of posts, or at least a handful.

On Sunday afternoon, I met up with Jackie and the kids for the annual Fall Festival at Mayfair. The kids were dressed in their costumes and there were all sorts of games and fun activities for the kids to participate in. There was a large crowd on hand as well, which was really great not only for the Mayfair family, but also for the people in the community.

Ashlyn was dressed as a bumble bee complete with a stinger on her backside, and Troy went as Doby from Harry Potter and it was quite a wonderful costume constructed by none other than his own dear mother, my bestie, Jackie. Way to go girl!

After we had been there a little while, Maria and her kids showed up. Regan was dressed as a lady bug and Jacob was dressed as an old ninja. You may recall Jacob’s outfit from last year which was an old man. Apparently he’s all about being something old for Halloween. Jordan’s costume this year was Freddy Kruger, but thankfully, Maria was wise beyond her young years and told him he couldn’t wear it around the little kids for fear or frightening them (or me for that matter).

Some of the kids’ other friends came too and fun was had by all. I left around 4:15 in order to get back to Chase Park for our fifth Sunday singing and after church was our annual trunk or treat; but this year I decided not to participate. Last year there was a ton of folks from the community that came, which is a really great thing, but I wasn’t in much of a mood for a large crowd of strange children mooching candy off of me so I decided not to stick around although I now have a ton of candy leftover from low trick-or-treater turnout and I wish I had unloaded some of it on Sunday night. I did manage to snap a few photos before I left.

It was a fun day as it always is when spent with friends. I love this time of year and all the activities are so much fun and remind me of being a kid. I’m grateful to Jackie for letting me experience these times with her kids because Lord only knows if I’ll ever have any of my own. I certainly hope your Halloween and fall festivities have been just as magical and as fun as mine have been. Here’s to many more!

Doby and The Bumble Bee

Fishing for a prize

Spinning the Wheel of Fortune!

Painting a Pumpkin

The Old Ninja and The Lady Bug

Jordan - doing the cake walk

Grayson at Trunk or Treat - Nice Costume!

The Lamica Kids - Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story

The Lamica Parents - Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head


Erika said...

Fun! Mayfair's Fall Festival looks like they put a lot of work into it.
Ashlyn and Troy look so cute!!! (Dobby was a great idea.)
Cute pics of the Lamica bunch, too.
I love seeing sweet little kids dressed up at Halloween.

Jackie said...

Oh Matasha we love having you hang out with us!! Thanks for the post. Mayfair does a fantastic job and the kids always have a blast. Loved the Lamica pics...too cute!

Candy said...

Thanks for taking the pictures! They turned out good minus Andrew's sleepy eye look! :) I had no clue what Troy was until Jackie told me. I'm not a Harry Potter kind of gal but the costume does look really good!
I'm going to try and hit up Mayfair next year...it looks fun!