Monday, July 22, 2013

The Return of The Syd

The past few weeks, you may or may not have noticed, Sydney has not stayed with me. We've had a lot of conflicts in our schedules as often happens in the summer. A few weekends I had something going on, other weekends she had something going on (including a trip to Transylvania! - or Pennsylvania as the case may be), and some weekends she just wanted to stay with her mommy. Finally, this past weekend marked our joyous reunion and the return of Sydney staying the night on Saturday and going to church with me on Sunday. 

Brittany and Robert dropped her off around 4:15 or so on Saturday and we popped in a movie to watch for a little while before leaving for a cookout. Sydney had spent the day at Robert's company picnic and then at the movies and she was pretty worn out by the time they dropped her off. I caught her trying to doze off a few times and kept her awake by talking to her. 

We left around 5:30 to go to my friend Christy's house for a cookout and birthday celebration with some of the people from my class at church. While we were on the way there, Sydney asked me, "How do babies get in a stomach?" and I quickly informed her that was a question that only mommies could answer and she should probably ask her mommy that question later. 

We were the first to arrive which really wasn't that surprising considering everyone in that class is late to everything. What is it with Generation Y and their constant lateness? Eventually there were 20 or so people there and we enjoyed a fun evening together. We grilled hamburgers and Nevin made his famous chilli dogs and there was a variety of fruits and veggies and three different cakes!

We played corn hole, or bean bag toss as it may be known to you, and also ladder ball and Sydney brought a ball with her and we tossed it around some too until she tossed it over the fence. Everyone was so great and played with her without complaint. I am very blessed to have these caring friends. We finally left around 9:00 and we sang songs on the way home so that she wouldn't fall asleep.  When we got home she took a bath and then snuggled up in a blanket and was asleep soon after.

Sunday morning we went to church and she got a lot of compliments on her new haircut. I should have taken a photo of her. It looks really cute, but also makes her look older. I had a time getting that wild hair to lay down flat on Sunday morning but did the best I could and at least it wasn't standing up on top of her head. On the way to church she asked if we could get her a sweater to wear to church. I had actually been thinking I need to get her one to keep at my house because it can sometimes be cooler in the church building. So, after church, we went by Target to see if we could find one. Unfortunately we struck out as far as sweaters were concerned, but we did buy some school supplies for the inner city children. I wanted her to be with me while I did that so she would get a little lesson in helping those less fortunate than us. Not sure if it stuck, but maybe a little. 

After our venture to Target, we stopped by Wendy's to get some lunch. I had to open the car door to order (remember my window is duct taped up) and when we pulled up to pay, Sydney paid and got the food from her spot in the back seat. It was rather humorous if I do say so myself. We took our food home and ate while watching some more of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Brittany and my aunt soon came to pick her up. 

It was another fun weekend with The Syd and you'd better believe I reminded her about that question she needed to ask her mommy!


Erika said...

Ha! I hope there's a follow-up post to Sydney's question being answered...Glad you were able to take her to church. She is so funny!! I can only imagine some of the conversations y'all have ;)

Jackie said...

Awe I miss Sydney! Hopefully I will get to see her this Sunday.