Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mowing and a Trip to the Movies and a Birthday

Other than our dreadful softball loss, the rest of the weekend went rather well I think. Friday afternoon after work I went home, changed clothes and immediately began the yard work. I knew if I sat down for even one minute I might not get up again; and so I just got after it so I wouldn't be tempted to lie on the couch all afternoon. 

The lawnmower was a wee bit finicky which was not surprising in the least. I have bad luck with lawnmowers it seems and so I just kind of expect to have problems each time I'm ready to mow. This time around, the problem was that after the lawnmower started it would shut off after running for all of five seconds. You may (or may not recall) that I had this same problem last year and my cousin Chris was able to get the mower working again. Then a month or so later I had the same problem and I had someone else look at it and that time it appeared to be bad gas (no pun intended) that was causing the mower not to run after more than five seconds. This time... I have no idea. 

I got busy picking up dog poo and other things while I left my mowing frustrations subside and then got the strange idea to run with the mower after it got started so I could get five seconds of mowing in instead of no seconds. After running with the mower three or four times (and still having it stop after about five seconds) it miraculously worked better on the fifth go and as long as I ran with the mower it would keep running. I'm sure it was an interesting sight. Finally, thank goodness, after it got warmed up, it worked without my having to run behind it and I was able to mow like a normal person. I was done with all the yard work by 7:00 and even finished my little project I mentioned last week. I need to take a photo of it so I can let you all see how it turned out. 

Saturday morning I got up early and did a little cleaning and laundry and then went to the 9:45 a.m. showing of Captain America. This movie has been out for weeks, but I haven't had an opportunity to go see it until last Saturday. For a while I thought I was going to be the only one in the theater, but then a pre-teen boy and his mom came in and sat a couple of rows behind me and then a pre-teen boy and his dad came in and sat a couple of rows behind me as well, and then a pre-teen boy and his grandma came in and literally sat right in front of me. I was just as thrilled as you can imagine. Apparently Captain America is the movie for pre-teen boys. Thankfully the grandma group didn't sit in the seat directly in front of me, but the two to the left of the one in front of me and so I was still able to prop my feet up from time to time. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was very, very good. However I got a little perturbed at grandma on more than one occasion because not only was she was a talker, but she was a LOUD talker. I shushed her on more than one occasion. 

After the movie, I went to Publix for my weekly shopping trip and then back home to watch some TV and do some more of those chores that don't ever seem to go away. Saturday evening, I went over to my parents' house to celebrate my brother's birthday. He turned 34 on Saturday. My dad cooked a dinner of Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp and fish and also made some sweet potato pies which my brother wanted instead of cake. (I know, he's weird.) The Pip came to the party too and learned a new trick of how to lie down. I've been practicing with her ever since and she is doing pretty good. 

When the party was drawing to an end, I took my grandmother home and then took myself home. I needed to put sheets on the bed and finish up some things around the house before calling it a night. It was another good weekend; but, as always, just not long enough. 

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Erika said...

Why do people think it's ok to talk during movies???? That is one of my biggest pet peeves! Captain America was good, though!
Glad you were able to get your yard cut - can't wait to see Pippa's new trick... :)