Monday, May 5, 2014


So, there were various activities that took place over the weekend, but today I shall tell you about our latest softball adventure. As you may recall, Jackie and I are playing softball on Sunday nights with some of our friends from church. Lately most of our games have gotten rained out, so there hasn't been much to blog about. Last night, however, we were finally able to play.

At lunch on Sunday afternoon, Jackie and I were talking about all the guys who were out of town or injured and started getting a little nervous that we might not have enough people to play. So, a group text was sent out and that didn't make anyone feel any better. We ended up with 11 people, four guys and seven girls and most of the girls are playing for the first time.

In addition to the fact that we were playing with a slim roster, we were also a little rusty. Thanks to all the rain outs, we are averaging one game a month. So, it's not like we are in the habit of playing and we don't really have practices since only a few people ever come when a practice is organized.

On top of the slim roster and the rustiness, we were also playing the best team in the league which didn't help the mentality of some of us (me, for one).

I think it probably goes without saying that the cards were stacked against us. The other team batted first and scored 18 runs in the first inning. We scored two. I'll spare you the rest of the details, but we ended up losing by a lot. So much, in fact, that I don't even know the score and they called the game with 20 minutes left to play (we play for an hour) which really made us less than happy because they could have at least humored us and let us get some batting practice in.

It was a lesson in humility, that is for sure. I did have a lot of fun, and I kept reminding everyone that we were just doing this for fun, remember? We don't have any more games until June 8 - weird, I know  - and so, we've decided that a scrimmage game is in order before our next game and we are hoping to get something scheduled for the 31st of May or 1st of June so that we might be better prepared for our next game.

It sucks to lose, I'm not gonna lie, but I'm still grateful to be having such a fun time with my friends and getting in some physical activity to boot. Here's to the Mayfair Misfits finishing out the season with nothing but Ws!


Jackie said...

IT WAS AWFUL!! I had dreams about it all night.

Kimberly Washer said...

Oh NO!! I hate losing too especially at softball!! Good luck the rest of the season! We have a game tonight :)! I'm playing with a random team because I didn't have time to put a church team together. They'r awesome though (on & off the field) & I've even thought about continuing to play with them in the future!