Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The First Half of Memorial Day Weekend

I cannot even begin to tell you how welcome and refreshing this past three-day weekend was. I told Jackie that I think the next president should mandate a three-day weekend at least once a month. I know it was just one more day, but it just made the weekend that much better. Sometimes one more day is all you need and it was certainly perfect timing as far as I am concerned. 

The weekend began with Jackie coming over Friday night for some burger grilling. I had invited some of our other friends as well, but they had conflicts and so it ended up being just me and Jackie, which was fine by us. We spent about five hours catching up and talking. You would think we never see or talk to one another. We talk almost every day, but apparently we don't ever have time to get to the juicy stuff and so that's what we did on Friday. 

We sat out on the porch like old times and watched the comings and going of Five Points and let me tell you there is never a dull moment when you are people watching from your front porch in Five Points. There were various cars driving by; some of which stopped in front of a house down the street and kept backing up and then driving forward - can you say stalker? There were numerous people coming and going to and from my next door neighbor Tina's house. She always has an eclectic group of friends stopping by. There were people walking their dogs throughout the evening. However, the most interesting observance of the evening was the new guy who moved in across the street (next door to Jeff). 

The house next to Jeff has been a rental since I first moved in and I'm sure I've mentioned it before. The first tenant to live there was a woman and her son who had lived there for a while and then she got a job in DC and they moved. Since then we've had a plethora of individuals. Everyone from a women who came out in her panties to  a couple that broke up and then got back together. The house had been in need of some repairs and so after the last tenants moved out, the owner did some renovating and listed it again. It took many months this go around before a new tenant was found and it looks to be a guy in his 20s. Apparently this guy does not have a vehicle and a woman (we are assuming his mom) was driving him to and from the house. The only thing I saw him move in was a TV. I'm assuming he moved in other items while I was at work on Friday. He was not wearing a shirt and basically looked like a hoodlum. At one point, he left and came back 30 minutes or and hour later with a bag from the grocery store. Upon further observation throughout the weekend, I'm assuming this guy has moved out on his home for perhaps the first time. Either that or he has had some issues and his family is giving him another shot at living on his own. Either way, this is sure to provide loads of Mrs. Kravitz type neighborhood watching. 

On Saturday morning, I had a haircut, then hit up Target to kill about an hour before heading over to the movie theater to take in a viewing of X-Men: Days of Future Past which was seriously amazing. After the movie, I did some grocery shopping and then went home to be lazy. Saturday evening, Jackie and I went out on the town, or really just to Drake's for dinner. I had never been there and she had said the sushi was surprisingly good and it was in fact surprisingly good. We ran into various people that we know and basically felt like the most popular people in Huntsville, or something like that. 

It was a busy couple of days for the first half of Memorial Day weekend, relaxing and fun, filled with laughter and friends and that's exactly how I like it! 


Jackie said...

It was a great weekend!! Thanks again for cooking out Friday night.

Erika said...

Oooo I can't wait to hear all the new neighbor stories!