Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Second Half of Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday morning I was slated to bring breakfast for our class at church. I had decided on sausage balls and cinnamon rolls and thankfully I had the good sense to take care of the rolling and dough making on Saturday. So, Sunday morning, all I had to do was plop the rolls and the sausage balls in the oven. I left for church earlier than normal so I could carry my haul into the building. It's times like these that a husband would really be useful because carrying a large bag that contains a crockpot full of sausage balls, a Bible, notebook, and class book, utensils, and  a cooler bag of orange juice, along with a purse and holding a pan of cinnamon rolls in the other hand is no easy feat. Somehow I managed. It's also times like these that it amazes me that no one offers to help; but, hey, I survived. 

Breakfast was a big hit and class went off without a hitch. After class was over, I was in the mood for seafood, which meant Red Lobster, so I ventured out for a solo lunch of stuffed Flounder which was truly delicious and absolutely hit the spot. You will also receive fast service and quick food when you dine by yourself. I didn't even look at the menu because I knew what I wanted and as soon as the waiter came over, I ordered which probably helped. 

When my lunch was complete, I went home and attempted a nap, but that was pretty much impossible as the Pip was in a fired up mood and would not leave me alone. I even moved to the bedroom and she moved in there with me. Sometimes she just doesn't want me to rest. I went to evening service and then out to Jason's Deli with my Aunt Linda and the girls. I still had not redeemed the free meal I had won from dropping my business card in the fish bowl last December and so I redeemed that. I honestly wasn't too hungry so I ate my side salad and took my half sandwich home to eat the next day. 

I hit up the Red Box after dinner and got The Monuments Men and Dallas Buyers Club and watched one on Sunday night and one on Monday morning. Both of the movies were good and it was definitely an Oscar worthy performance for Matthew MccCnaughey and Jared Leto, both of whom should have won an award just for the massive weight loss. Good grief. 

Monday morning I had grand plans of watching the Cotton Row runners and then going to the movies, but on Sunday night I discovered a nail in my tire and I scheduled an appointment at Goodyear which conflicted with the morning movie time. As far as watching the runners, well, I was just lazy and it was hot outside so I stayed home. 

My appointment at Goodyear was at noon. I got the oil changed and asked them to check the tire which is either fine or they patched it for free, but I did see them take the tire off and check it so hopefully all is well. For all I know, I could have been looking at a flat piece of gravel that gave the impression of a nail head. Who knows? I haven't had my tire pressure light come on or anything of the sort so I guess I'm good to go for a while. 

I did make it to the movies a little bit later on. I met Jackie for Million Dollar Arm which was really good. I laughed super loud and even cried a time or two. It was a very good movie and I don't think there was much bad language if any at all so it would be a good movie to take the children to. 

The rest of Monday was spent at home which was just how I wanted it. Sometimes when you have a day off, it's nice to just be able to do what you want to do and that is exactly how I spent this holiday, which was perfect. 

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Erika said...

Glad you had a nice holiday! Having an extra day really does make such a difference.