Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day 2015

I'm sure you know this past Sunday was Father's Day and as we do each year, we gathered at my parents' house for a meal cooked by yours truly. I made my meatloaf, at the request of my dad, who only gets meatloaf once a year on Father's Day because no one else likes it. We also had macaroni and cheese, green beans, coleslaw, rolls, and two pies - chocolate and raspberry cream.

I spent Saturday preparing most of the dishes and finished up on Sunday morning and then after church on Sunday afternoon. When I got to my parents' house, my dad had invited some visitors to eat with us which was fine because I somehow end up making more than we ever need. I told my brother it's like the five loaves and two fishes, we always seems to have enough for whoever gets invited.

The couple was an African-American couple and I only point this out because in the wake of last week's shootings in Charleston, it seemed that much more meaningful that my family opened their home to these people, strangers, and fellow Christians and it made me even more thankful to have the dad that I have.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and I think everyone had a full belly and there was still food left over. It was a nice afternoon celebrating a great daddy!

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