Monday, June 22, 2015

Much Needed Rest

I can more or less sum up the majority of my weekend in one sentence. I watched four movies and rested. Really, I did a little bit more than that, but just a little more, not a lot, as I was exhausted from the previous week and didn't want to do much of anything. 

Friday I intended to leave work at 4:00 p.m., but as luck would have it I didn't end up leaving until a little after five. I picked up something for dinner, and got two movies from Redbox and then went home. I ate the dinner, popped in one of the movies and immediately started falling asleep. That's how tired I was, people. So, I paused the movie and slept for a little over an hour before waking up and actually making it through the movie without dozing off. It wasn't that the movie was bad, I was just tired. In fact all four movies I rented were great. 

Saturday morning I was supposed to have a haircut, but I had received a text from my hairdresser on Friday night saying he was sick and wouldn't be at work and that I should call and reschedule. I was super bummed about it, but also understood because no one wants to work when they are sick and I also didn't want to get whatever kind of sickness he had. So, I called in as soon as they opened to reschedule, knowing there was no way I would get in any time soon. I was right, there were no appointments available for the next month or so and so I ended up scheduling something for June 30 with my hairdresser's wife. 

I still got an early start to my day, going to Target first thing to get a lampshade. Last week, I brought home a lamp from my grandparents' house and I decided to use it in my den in place of the one I've used for the last nine and a half years; but, it didn't have a shade so that was needed. I wanted a black shade, but couldn't find one so I settled on grey. It's still got the plastic on it because I can't decide for sure if I love it. It looks fine but I think I was so set on black that the grey is taking me some time to adjust. It's growing on me though and I like it a little more each day. 

After Target, I went to Publix and knocked out the grocery shopping for the week. It was Father's Day weekend which meant that I would be cooking meatloaf and the fixings so I had to make sure I had all the things I needed for the meal. I also returned the two movies I had rented on Friday and got two more. Then I went home for the rest of the day where I enjoyed the air conditioning, watched those two movies, and cooked for the Father's Day luncheon. I also spent some time cursing Ticketmaster that morning. Dolly Parton is playing at The Ryman on July 30 and my cousin Lauren loves Dolly. The tickets went on sale at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and since Lauren wasn't going to be near a computer, I told her I would try and get tickets for her. I tried two computers and the Ticketmaster ap and never made it past the first screen. Here's the thing that drives me nuts (among many other things), the people who really want to go to these types of shows can never get tickets because of people who are buying tickets only to resale them. On Saturday afternoon, there were already a ton of tickets listed on eBay for $700 each. Ticketmaster is such a racket. It makes me want to start my own ticket company! 

So, that was my Friday and Saturday. Like I said, not very eventful, but so worth the laziness. I've been running on non-stop/empty for weeks now and really needed some down time and I am beyond thankful that I got it this past weekend. 

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