Monday, June 1, 2015

More Garage Sale Prep

Apparently garage sales and cleaning out houses is the way of life for my family these days and this past weekend was no exception. Saturday some friends from my Bible school class and I met my mother and dad over at my granddad's house to do some packing for an upcoming move. It was not nearly as organized as I hoped it would be and we got off to a late start but other than that I suppose it went as well as could be expected. 

I arrived at 8:00 a.m. and sat in the driveway for about 30 minutes until my granddad decided to get up and open the garage door. My granddad is an avid gun-lover and I didn't want to risk getting shot that morning so I stayed put until I saw some movement from within. I taped up some boxes in anticipation of everyone getting there at the projected start time of 9:00 a.m. A couple of friends showed up about 9:30 and another about 9:45 and finally our boss for the day, my mother, arrived a little after 10:00 a.m. We got to work packing when mother started telling us what needed to be packed, only it didn't really go like I thought because my dad said pack up everything and it was rather obvious that the majority of the stuff we packed up needs to be put in the upcoming garage sale.

We worked for a couple of hours and then the girls left and Erika came by. We decided we would price some things for the garage sale when Erika got there only we were tired of being there and didn't get much pricing done. We basically made the executive decision that when we have the sale, we will have someone stationed in each room so that nothing gets stolen and we will just tell people what the price of things are. I've decided I'll have a little notebook for everyone and they can give the person a receipt for each room and then they can cash out before leaving. At least this is how I've got it worked out in my head. I'm quite sure I'll have to go by and do some organizing before the sale which is currently slated for June 13.

When I got home from my granddad's I took a nap and then was apparently moved by the moment of the day and began cleaning out even more things from my own house to put in my grandmother's garage sale which is this coming Saturday, June 6. My house looked like total chaos before the night was over and I basically left it like that when going to bed and dealt with the aftermath on Sunday. Y'all, I seriously cannot believe how much stuff I have purged to put in this upcoming garage sale. You would think with all the stuff I've priced that I would have nothing left, but of course, I have plenty because that's the way we do it here in America. My original goal was to make $100 at this sale, I'm upping that to $200 now based on all the stuff I've got a price on. It's crazy how much stuff I'm getting rid of and could probably get rid of more if only I would. The sad thing is there's not that much extra room in the closets even with this stuff gone - the joys of an old house. 

So, my extra bedroom is full of stuff to take over to my grandmother's which I hope to do Friday after work and then the big sale will be this Saturday. It looks like the next project will be purging at my parent's house for a garage sale for them. Mother asked Erika and I if we could purge her house. I'm quite sure we can. I figure we (or just me) can take the whole summer and do a little bit at a time and price as we go and then have a sale in the fall. In other words, by the time 2015 is over, I'm taking a year or so off from organizing yard sales. 

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Erika said...

It is so much work, isn't it??? Sorry I was basically of no help to you Saturday, but it was nice to visit!!
It's amazing how much "stuff" we accumulate and don't even realize it. I'm trying to purge my house, and have made progress. It's such a wonderful feeling having all the junk gone.
I'm putting your grandmother's yard sale on my calendar - maybe I can find some stuff to replace what I've gotten rid