Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Third Yard Sale

Well folks, I participated in yet another yard sale this past weekend; only this time it was at my own house. I think I mentioned that after the yard sale at my grandmother's house at the beginning of the month, we brought most all of my things and some of my grandmother's things back to my house to see if we could sell them in my neck of the woods. We planned for June 27 and I was more than anxious to clean all those boxes out of my guest bedroom. 

Friday after work I went over to my parents' house to pick up some tables to use and while I was there, my dad and I ended up cleaning out the closet in his office. It was completely a last minute decision but it worked out to be a good decision as the items from the closet brought $48.50 on Saturday morning. One of the items from the closet was a Keebler picnic basket which had not been unpacked since we moved to Birmingham in 1994. I opened it up and inside was a bag of Keebler snacks that expired in 1986. I cannot make this stuff up, y'all!

My co-worker and friend Maria also decided to participate. Both of her parents recently passed away and she has been cleaning out their house and had quite a few items she wanted to try to sell. She came over on Friday night and we unloaded her car and for the next four hours we worked on pricing her items and getting things organized for Saturday morning. 

I set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. which is what time I normally get up each day so it wasn't that big of a deal. For whatever reason (nerves, excitement, etc.) I ended up waking up at 4:30 a.m. and just decided to go ahead and get up and start getting things ready. I loaded up Pippa and my signs and we set out to tape up the signs on this intersection and that. I also made a stop by Dunkin' Doughnuts to get some breakfast for the gang. 

Pip and I soon made it back to the house and I began to set up tables and drag things out from the bedroom. Rain was forecast for Saturday morning and I had been praying all week that the rain would hold off for our yard sale. It rained all throughout Friday night, but for the most part the rain stayed away on Saturday morning. It drizzled on occasion and drops of water sometimes fell from the trees, but all in all it was mostly dry. Prayer works, people! 

We had quite a few people stop by - probably three or four times as many as showed up at the sale at my grandmother's house. A little before noon it looked like the rain was coming in again and so we started packing things away. I kept a lot of the nicer items that I thought might sell as we have at least one more sale to go this year. We are planning on a sale at my parents' house this fall and then I'm done for a while, y'all! My cousin Jessica and I packed up the things we were tired of dealing with and took them down to The Saving Way Thrift Store. 

When it was all said and done, I made $107, my grandmother made $39, Maria made $59, and as mentioned the haul from the closet in my dad's office brought in $48.50. Not bad for a few hours worth of hosting a yard sale. It was a fun, exhausting and adventurous morning and I'm glad to be done with yard sales for a little while. 

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Candy said...

How much for the bag of cheeblers? 😂