Monday, October 12, 2009

Alabama vs. Ole Miss

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did. On Saturday, my dad and I headed over to Oxford, Mississippi to watch the Alabama vs. Ole Miss game. We left my house about 7:15 and arrived in Oxford around 11:30. We drove down the Natchez Trace, which was very nice and scenic. Once we exited in Tupelo, we headed up Highway 6 to Oxford and the traffic started to thicken. We were able to exit and find a place to park without much trouble. The parking place turned out to be a great spot because after the game we got on the highway in about 10 minutes time, which is awesome when you are amongst thousands of people ready to go home.

We spent some time people watching at The Grove and warmed ourselves up in the student union building before heading over to Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium.

It was a cold day and there was a steady drizzle pretty much the whole time we were there. The sun came out for just a little while and then poked its’ head back behind the clouds. We decided we should have brought more clothing, but once all the people piled into the bleachers it wasn’t too bad. We both had on plastic rain suits over our regular clothes which helped block the wind and the rain.

Alabama won the game 22-3, which always makes the trip better! Here are some pictures from our adventure:


Here's our first look at The Grove

Here I am in front of the Welcome to Ole Miss sign.
I was actually a lot happier than I look in this photo.

The Grove

"Grove Town"

My dad taking it easy in The Grove

Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium

The field

Me and my Daddy!

Mount Cody

The Ole Miss band

Alabama coming on to the field

The coin toss

Me and my Daddy again!

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