Friday, October 23, 2009

The Port-O-Potty Fear!

For those of you that know me, you know that I have a small bladder. This past weekend when I went to the ghost walk, I asked the guide how long the walk was going to take. I thought it was going to last an hour but was correctly informed that it would last two. So, I told the girls, I was going to pop inside the store and see if they had a restroom. Whenever I’m at an event, I always fear that I’ll need a restroom and there won’t be one available. So, I went inside the store, only to find out that there was indeed no public restroom. Awesome! The nice man behind the counter politely told me I could go across the street and use the port-o-potty at the construction site at the court house. Huh?!

I don’t know about you, but I hate port-o-potties! I assume most women do. They are disgusting. Sometimes when you get one that has been freshly placed it’s not too bad, but let me tell you, the construction port-o-potties are the worst! They are the stinkiest ones ever! So, I told the girls, that there was no way I was going to the port-o-potty, that I would just have to make due. Then, I looked across the street and saw this:

Readers – this is one of my worst fears! Every time I get in a port-o-potty, I am so afraid some prankster is going to come and tip it over and there I’ll be with all kinds of unspeakable things drenching my poor unsuspecting body! I saw this turned over port-o-potty and my port-o-potty nightmares started playing like a movie reel through my head! It was terrible! Then I started laughing and told the girls, I had to take a photo of that because I just had to post about port-o-potty fears here on The Chronicles of Nat. And, you have to admit, it’s a funny picture if you really think about it.

So, dear readers, if you have to use the port-o-potty any time soon, and I hope you don’t, I hope this doesn’t happen to you. I hope your port-o-potty stays upright and you can get out of there as quickly as possible. Have a good weekend!


Candy said...

Haha! I hope there was no one inside when this thing tipped over. I know this is one of your fears...I was just telling Andrew that as soon as I saw your post title. Too funny.

Sara said...

I hate them! Last night at Blaine's soccer game Bryson had to go. It was dark out and I am just assuming there would be no lights. So I told him he would have to go on a tree. He cried because he thinks port-o-potties are so fun but he will only let me take him. Joy. So we went to the parking lot and I told him that this is how squirrels pee so he stood real still to see if one would come out and pee with him. Whatever works! I have the fear of getting stuck in one because I got stuck in a bathroom stall when I was little. Talk about scarred for life!