Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kendra's Birthday and a Different Shirt

Well, I’m in a different shirt today, folks and it feels so good. I took that other shirt off as soon as I got home yesterday and put on something else. I felt like a new woman afterwards.

Last night, some of the girls got together and dined and P.F. Chang’s for Kendra’s birthday. If I remember correctly, she turned 27. Kendra and her sister Candy were there, Erika, Jackie, me, and Meagan and baby Lucy. We had a grand time.

We had not been together as a group since the end of American Idol and we were actually missing a few people from our group, but we had a fun time anyway and it was really great to catch up with everyone. Not to mention the fact that I got to eat at one of my favorite places. I think I could eat another order of calamari right now. Man, that stuff is good! Here are some photos:

Candy - the organizer of the dinner

Kendra - the birthday girl

Meagan and baby Lucy

Erika and a leaned back Jackie
(she told me not to post this photo - love ya!)

The group - Not sure what’s up with that stray hair on my forehead, and yes, this is what you look like when you go the gym four days a week for four months and don’t lose one pound. Please pray for me!


Janice said...

O.k. love the post about the birthday. I think you went to a great place to eat. I enjoy it a lot but never get to go like I would like too. Plus the pictures are good-so glad that you all got to celebrate with Kendra what a great birthday present.
Love you

Candy said...

This was fun! Glad you were all able to come. I ate so much I was sick last night :)

Jackie said...

I love all the pictures except of course of the one were I look like an idiot:)