Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Randomness to Close Out the Week

I’m sorry to say this will be the last post for the week. Please dry your tears. I promise to return.

Tomorrow (Thursday), I’ll be out of pocket getting some blood work done and watching the final mountain stage in this year’s Tour de France. This year’s tour has been amazing! It seems like every stage has been full of excitement and I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s stage. Personally, I’m hoping for a big shake up.

Friday, I will be traveling to Santa Claus, Indiana with Jackie and her whole family (Troy, Ashlyn, Tim Jan, Melissa, Mike, Dalton, and Madolyn). We are going to spend Saturday at Holiday World. I had not heard of Holiday World until just a few months ago when Jackie was telling me about it. Apparently her niece, McKenzie said it was the greatest place on earth. Funny, I always thought that was Disney World. Anyway, we have a whirlwind of a trip planned and will be returning late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning. I am really looking forward to it. It looks like more fun than I can handle in one day.

I’m feeling much better about my garment choices today, thanks for asking.

Tomorrow marks six weeks until the start of college football season! Just when I think I won’t survive the summer, I look up and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jackie for watching Persons Unknown. I really needed a friend to watch with me so I could talk about this show to someone that was actually watching. This show is crazy good; I’m just sad no one took notice. That’s what happens when you put a show up against that sinful Bachelorette.

Why is it when you get a new haircut it takes a couple of weeks for your hair to fall back in place properly? Am I the only one that has this problem? I never like my hair until precisely two weeks after a cut.

Thanks to those of you that clicked over on my Examiner page and checked out my first article; I’ve earned one whole penny! I posted a new article today about where you can purchase fresh tomatoes. Check it out and let me know what you readers want to hear about regarding food.

I drank sweet tea for lunch which means I will become personally associated with the bathrooms this afternoon. I swear tea goes right through me! It’s rather annoying and inconvenient.

Why are work out clothes so expensive? I mean, really? Who wants to pay $70 for a pair of pants you are just going to sweat in?! I don’t get it. Maybe I should start and inexpensive work out clothing company.

The internets is an amazing world, people. Yes, I said internets. I think it’s funny that way. A friend of mine who I knew when I lived in North Carolina found me, thanks to the help of the internets. She lives in South Africa (shhh! Don’t tell Tony or he will be upset we didn’t bum a stay at her house for the World Cup!) and she and her husband do missionary work. She has a son named Asher (she calls him The Bear) and she just announced recently that she is pregnant with bambino number two. You can check out her delightful blog here.

Did you know that I have written more posts in the seven months of 2010 than I did in all of 2009? I hope you appreciate that. Ha! The Jim Brickman post still remains my most commented on post at a whopping 12 comments, most of which hate what I had to say; but I was only speaking from the heart.

We have a serious bug problem here at work. I think I could write a whole post about it. Needless to say, I’m a little traumatized.

Well, that about wraps things up for this post. The tea is calling if you get my drift. I hope to be back next week with tales of Holiday World and hopefully pictures too. I hope the remainder of your week is great and your weekend too! Thanks for reading.


Janice said...

You are so funny and interesting to say the least. I'm glad that you might be coming up with some cheaper gym clothes what is up with that anyway. I'm with you all the way. Looking forward to the trip just hope it isn't as hot there as it is here. I'm sure the water part will be a lot cooler.
We will have to decide if we think this place is as awesome as Kenzie and Brooke think it is. By the way Tim thought Inception was the best movie. He loved it. I like it too but wasn't quite as over the top as he was. But I had to go to the bathroom three times so that could have had something to do with it.
Sharon and I also have the same problem with tea. It is supposed to be good for you but it definitely has an elimating effect.
See you on Friday-how is job hunting going for Tony?
Love you sweetie

Candy said...

haha. This was a great post. Tea does that to me too! Hope you all have fun at Holiday World. Take lots of pictures (I'm sure you will blog about it when you get home!). And what's this new show? I'll have to check that out.