Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter Morning - Circa 1983?

Happy Good Friday, ya’ll! Remember when there was no school or work on Good Friday? Those were the days! Well, Easter weekend is finally upon us. It’s so late this year. For those of you who love to wear white shoes (not me) you’re welcome to bring those bad boys out beginning this Sunday. Just be sure and put them away again the day after Labor Day. Thanks, this has been a Public Service Announcement.

Since we Southerners love all things Bible and guns, I’ll be combining this holy day with some time at the shooting range this afternoon with my granddad. (Yes, this makes me chuckle too!) I have never shot a gun before; so, needless to say this afternoon should be quite an adventure for me. If the day goes according to plan, I’ll be leaving work around 2:30 and meeting my granddad at the shooting range around 3:00 or so. I’m starting off with a small caliber weapon (this statement makes me laugh). I think we are going to shoot for an hour or so. You can rest easily this weekend knowing that there will be a post regarding this come Monday. I’m sure you’ll all be drooling with anticipation as to how it goes.

After the shooting range, I’ve got to head over to my parents’ house to pick up my weed eater which we thought was not working, but turns out it is. We apparently just weren’t operating it correctly. Go figure. So, I’ll have to get a lesson as to how to start the thing before I attempt to use it this afternoon. I’m hoping for no rain today because I really need to get the yard work done and don’t want to do it on a Saturday. I’ve got an aversion to working in the yard on Saturdays. I much prefer a Thursday or Friday evening as opposed to a blazing hot Saturday afternoon.

Fridays are usually my grocery store days, but with everything else that’s going on, the grocery store will more than likely be pushed to Saturday morning after the gym. I’ve got a few things to buy in preparation for Easter dinner. I talked my parents into having Easter dinner; well, actually I just told them to cook a Ham and I would cook some things because eating frozen pizza on Easter is rather depressing. I don’t think I’ve had Easter dinner with anyone in my family in years. My Aunt Linda used to have the whole family over on Easter but she doesn’t do that anymore. Or, maybe she does and just doesn’t invite me… hmmm. At any rate, we will be having a home cooked meal on Easter and I’m pretty pumped about it!

I guess that’s about all the news for today, other than the pollen is finally catching up with me and my sinuses have been a complete mess the past couple of days, but I doubt you want me to go into detail about that.

So, in closing, I wish you all a happy Good Friday and a very Happy Easter! I hope that rascal the Easter Bunny brings you lots of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs – what more could you ask for, really?


Erika said...

That is the CUTEST picture of you and Justin!!! I so loved ruffly socks :)
You will have a blast at the shooting range; I can't wait for the post about that.
Speaking of Easter dinner, Mama and I have not received our usual invitation from a family friend...hmmm....we are thinking we might just have some Maysville BBQ. I guess it's time for a new tradition.

Melissa said...

Looking forward to your Monday post! Shooting is a fun thing...just be safe, and wear ear protection, and don't point the gun at anyone :) Will you also have to clean the guns afterwards? That's my least favorite part...

Have a happy Easter!