Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter

Well, I’ve let another half day pass by without updating. I had all intentions of posting this morning, and time has gotten away from me. I have been very busy at work this morning (which is a good thing) and haven’t had much time to even check emails, much less write a brief post. Now that I’m finished with the little project I was working on, I can stop for a minute or two and say hello to you readers. Hello!

I didn’t mention Easter yesterday because I wanted to write about that dreadful experience at the shooting range. So, I’ll recap Easter for you today. I certainly hope you had a good one.

We Parkers cooked lunch over at my parents’ house. My dad baked a ham and made a banana pudding. Mother made a congealed salad, deviled eggs, and um… mashed potatoes. I say, “um… mashed potatoes” because she didn’t actually make them, but rather warmed them up. These were the Bob Evans potatoes that you can buy at the store (I think in the meat department). They were actually pretty good for something that is pre-packaged. I’m usually not a fan of the pre-packaged foods, but these potatoes were quite good. Not as good as mine, mind you, but good for non-homemade. I made a squash casserole, green beans and coleslaw which is a staple any time we have a get together. I’m not sure how it is that people fell in love with my slaw but I have to make it all the time now. I think I’ve made slaw more than any other dish in my life; except for maybe pinto beans – I made an awful lot of those when Tony was around.

Anyway, we gathered at the parents’ hacienda after church services on Sunday morning and ate lunch. It was a fine feast if I do say so myself. After we ate, the kitchen was cleaned and everyone departed to their separate corners, also known as their own homes. There are no little ones in our family so there was no Easter Egg hunt. The Easter Bunny didn’t even stop by and drop off any Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. It was very disappointing. Not to fear though, because I got some yesterday when they were on clearance! YEAH!

I ate leftovers for dinner on Sunday night, for lunch yesterday and then again for lunch today. I think I’m finally out of leftovers so tonight I’m back to cooking something else, which I think is going to be four cheese tortellini in a tomato cream sauce, or if I’m feeling lazy after I get home from the gym, it will be popcorn on the stove, which has become a regular dinner around these parts lately.

Anyway, that about sums up our Easter; maybe yours was a little more eventful than ours or maybe it was more low key. Either way, I hope it was a good one and you found the golden egg!

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Kimberly Washer said...

We had liver and onions for easter lunch. It was my first time to eat it and Gary's first time to cook it, but we all (Gary's parents came over) enjoyed it, suprisingly! Sounds like y'all had a more traditional easter lunch, which is nice :).