Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Thoughts From My Head

I wish I had something exciting to tell you all about today; but, alas, I do not. I have racked my brain all morning trying to think of some great story to no avail. When getting ready this morning, I saw a notebook and planned to bring it in because it had notes of a story I want to tell you about… and then I started hustling and bustling about and left the notebook right where it was. So, that story will have to wait until another day. So, here are just some random thoughts:

I’m addicted to the game Angry Birds. Don’t start playing it or you also will be addicted.

Today is the first round of the Master’s and I always find that to be exciting. DirecTV is really awesome when it comes to the Master’s and other major tournaments because they have about four or five channels that have different shots of the tournament and you can choose what you want to watch without being forced to watch whatever ESPN or CBS is showing.

Speaking of DirecTV, they rewarded me with three free pay-per-view movies for being such a loyal customer. I watched one already and if I can think about it, I will do a movie review on it tomorrow.

The classic cycling race, Paris-Roubaix is on VS. this Sunday and if it’s anything like last weeks’ Tour of Flanders then we will all be in for a treat. Not that anyone besides me really cares much about that.

The threat of a government shut down is really ticking me off; and as Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.

Speaking of Forrest Gump, that is a really good movie.

The Groupon and Living Social Deals for Huntsville have been terrible lately. I’m just saying. (My mother hates it when I say, I’m just saying, by the way).

Tonight after work, I plan to take a spin class and then go home and mow the lawn. It will be a sweaty evening.

The cafeteria at work has vastly improved its food lately and last week they featured a Chicken Caesar Pita that was so good I went back and got a second. I’ve requested that it be placed on next week’s menu. Here’s to hoping they listened to me.

Finally, as mentioned in a couple of posts, you can sometimes earn an Amazon gift card from Viewpoints just by writing reviews of things you use everyday at your home. Right now is one of those times. Set yourself up a Viewpoints account and write five qualifying reviews between today and April 18 and you will earn yourself a $5 Amazon gift card. For this particular gift card, your review must be 700 characters and an item in Home Appliances or Kitchen Appliances. So, look around your hacienda and pick out some things to write about. It’s $5, baby!

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