Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Call Me Mrs. Kravitz

In keeping with what seems to be the norm these days, my neighbor had yet another band shack up at her house over the weekend. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s running a brothel over there because it sure seems suspicious that week after week there are new guys from out of town staying the night at her place.

Friday night, after I had been asleep for a while, I was awakened by The Tide jumping up and barking really loudly. This happens from time to time if there is a strange noise outside – The Tide is a good watchdog! I lay in bed and listened as well as I could between her barking and heard the sound of car doors shutting and then I could have sworn I heard glass bursting. I, being the lazy lover of the bed that I am, decided not to get up and investigate. I figured if my car was being broken into I would deal with it the next day and I hope the burglars want to learn some French because all I’ve got in the car right now are French lessons on CD.

The next morning, I got up and let The Tide out and noticed a beat up old car (i.e. – band car) in my neighbor’s yard. I didn’t think much of it other than that another band was staying there and I guessed that was what all the commotion was the night before. I set about my morning activities and then went to the gym. When I came home from the gym, I noticed the back windshield of the beat up car was busted out. I don’t remember it being busted out when I let The Tide out earlier that morning, but I could have still been waking up at that moment.

A few hours later, there was all kinds of commotion outside again as my neighbor began whistling and yelling for her dog, Oz. This happens at least once every two weeks or so. I don’t know why she can’t seem to keep track of her dog, but she can’t. It was then that I saw the two guys from the band. They were also outside looking for my neighbor’s dog and they had a dog with them too. I wonder if the dog is part of their act?

I suppose they finally found Oz because things settled down a bit and the next thing I knew the band guys were taping up their back windshield. Apparently gigs don’t pay enough to actually call someone and have the back windshield repaired. I guess a back windshield of clear tape adds more hippie ambiance to the situation.

Anyway, because I’m a nosey neighbor and because I like to provide you all with the most interesting information and photographs possible, I snapped these two photos through my kitchen window of the band memebers in action taping up the broken windshield. Call me crazy, but when I look at these two, I’m reminded of Rich and Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. Would you agree? Needless to say, I look forward to seeing what band this next weekend brings.


Erika said...

So much weekend entertainment without even having to leave home!

Melissa said...

what an interesting neighborhood you live in :) We rarely get much excitement, which i guess is kind of a good thing at times. Glad you post these happenings here...they crack me up!!

Candy said...

This made me laugh! I call Andrew's mom Mrs. Kravitz all the time. She is so nosy and can tell you anything and everything about her neighbors. I swear she and Rocky have nothing better to do than spy on their neighbors! They even watch on the days that the neighbors put out trash so they can go through it and dig for treasures (which sometimes later ends up at my house in the kids toybox!) HA!