Monday, April 18, 2011

My Favorite Shopping Sites For Clothes

In response to last week's post about my recent shopping habits, my college roomie, Melissa left a comment asking where I do my online shopping. Since I aim to please the readers around here, I’m going to give you a list of my favorite online shopping sites.

Boden – I have been a lover of all things Boden for about eight years or so. Their clothes are really well made and will last you a really long time which is why I don’t mind spending a little extra when I buy clothes from here. I bought a few things from the spring line that I loved. I had to send one shirt back for a smaller size and that ended up being quite a debacle because they sent it to my parents’ house instead of mine (long story) but once I finally got the shirt in the right size, I loved it.

I haven’t had as much luck with the summer line. The dress I mentioned in my last post will be returned to Boden, but I did end up with some great camis which I desperately needed. I have another dress on the way from them and hope it’s a better fit. Boden is out of England so sometimes your shipments will be from England and sometimes from the States depending on where their stock is located. Boden usually has free shipping and free returns if you order a certain amount which is one of the reasons I don’t mind returning things from them because all I have to do is stick the label on the package and walk to my mailbox – super convenient!

Right now if you go to Boden through Ebates, you will get 10% cash back! Remember I told you about Ebates here and here. Awesome!

Land’s End – I get Land’s End catalogs in the mail and will order form them occasionally. Their clothes also hold up really well and they often have classic styles which is more what I like rather than what is trendy. I recently ordered a slip on cotton dress and a couple of shirts from there. I loved them all and didn’t have to make any returns. So, I’m not sure what their return policy is.

By the way, if you are shopping for a new swimsuit this season, I have found that the Land’s End swimsuits are by far the best ones around. I’ve had four or five and loved every one. The quality is good and they fit beautifully!

Right now if you go to Land’s End through Ebates, you can get 6% cash back.

L.L. Bean – I’m an L.L. Bean lover from way back. Again, their clothes are really classic, and you can wear them year after year without fear of them not being in style. I ordered the shorts I mentioned in my last post from L.L. Bean and other than them being a little tight through the belly area, I loved them. I mean, it’s not Bean’s fault that I love Mexican food! The L.L. Bean orders come with a return label, but it’s for UPS and so you have to first find a UPS drop off location and if you use the label, they will charge you or dock your refund $6.50. I just go to the post office instead of using the pre-paid label. L.L. Bean has recently changed their policy so that everything ships free – no minimum order! Awesome!

Right now if you go to L.L. Bean through Ebates, you can get 2% cash back.

Eshakti – I have only ordered one thing from here, a dress, last year, but I love the dress and ordered another dress just this week. This company offers reasonably priced shipping charges and right now, free shipping for orders over $100 (not me). You can shop the overstock stuff for 35% off, and once you sign up for their emails they will send you a discount code once a month. Also, when you first sign up, you can get $20 off your first order. If the item doesn’t fit, you can return it for your money back, an exchange or a gift card for the price of your item plus another 20% - in other words, if you got he gift card option and paid $50 for your item then you would get a gift card for $60.

Those are the main online shopping sites I visit. I recently bought a couple of pairs of jeans at Gap online and loved both of those – they don’t carry the big booty size in the stores.

For shoes, I often check out 6pm before anywhere else because they usually have awesome deals and I have gotten some really great buys from there.

I hope some of these shopping tips helped. Remember to sign up for Ebates here and then when you are ready to shop go to Ebates first and then click on the name of the store where you want to shop. Ebates will take you directly to the store’s site, and you will earn money back on your purchases, which is how I ended up with $12.34 as mentioned in this post.

Happy Shopping!


Melissa said...

Thanks for the links. I hadn't heard of some of these...I'll check them out!!

Erika said...

Lands' End has a great return policy, too. I sent back a bathing suit I had for months b/c the underwire came out - got a new one with no questions asked. And they do have THE BEST swimsuits.

Thanks for introducing me to a new shoe website; just what I need ;)