Monday, October 8, 2012

A Perfect Fall Weekend

I haven't much felt like writing the past few days and I guess the feeling is in the air because a lot of the blogs I check in on daily are also not being updated as often as they usually are - I guess we can call it the fall funk or something like that. In reality, I've been busy but not with anything that would be of great interest to you which makes writing more difficult than it is on most days. Alas, I shall do my best to come up with a post for you today and the rest of the week. Keep your fingers crossed it works out.

I suppose I'll start by giving you a Goga update. Of the six days Goga is open, I went five times and used the sauna four of the five times and drank the water and salty concoction all five times. I'll be going tonight (Monday) with Jackie and her mom and our friend Kim and while there I am planning to buy some of the bath salts that are supposed to be good for your skin. Without going into extreme detail about my bath, I'll let you know how the bath salts work out. Plans are to Goga another five times this week, using the sauna four times. I skip the sauna on Wednesday because I'm pretty sure my fellow church-goers would prefer me not be hot and sweaty during Bible class.

As for this past weekend, it wasn't very exciting. Friday night my dad actually came out to a football game with me which is kind of unusual these days as he doesn't leave the house much - he's turning into a hermit of sorts. We went to see Pisgah and New Hope at New Hope. Before the game we ran into Tommy Ragland who is the current probate judge of Madison County and is up for re-election come November. Please allow me to take this moment to ask you to please vote for him if you live in Madison County. My parents have known him since high school or longer and he is a very nice man. So, please consider voting for him for re-election. This has been a Public Service Announcement. Thank you.

The game itself was exceptionally boring as New Hope put a beating on Pisgah and we left before it was over. As we were leaving, Judge Marth Lynn Sherrod's daughter and another guy were outside the gate passing out literature for Judge Sherrod's re-election ('tis the season, people). The daughter asked us to vote for her mom and my dad said, "Is she a Republican or a Democrat?" And the daughter said, "She's a Christian!" Seriously, this was the highlight of my evening. Maybe you had to be there but it was quite an interesting moment. My dad said he really liked that answer and might vote for her. He asked me if I knew anything about her - I did not and still don't. It was just a funny moment.

Saturday I cleaned house, went to Goga and the grocery store and made some chili - a really thrilling day. Jackie and I met up at church that evening to work on preparations for a dinner our class hosted for the widows of the church. There were quite a few people who showed up to help and there wasn't that much to do so after about 30 minutes when all the "prep work" was done, we left and just hung out at my house for a little while. We also ate some of the chili I made earlier in the day - we live on the edge!

Sunday morning after church I went home to nap and then went back up to church around 3:00 to help with the final preparations for the dinner. Well, there really wasn't that much to do - again - and so we all just kind of sat around and did nothing until it was time to put food one plates and put the plates in the warmer.
The dinner was after church service, starting at 6:00 p.m. and we served ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, cranberry salad and homemade rolls that were out of this world good. I have since been in touch with the lady that did all the food and asked her for the recipe for the rolls. She is actually going to teach me how to make them and I am pretty excited about this because those rolls - well, they were a little slice of heaven if I do say so myself. Dessert was strawberry, chocolate, or apple spcie cake, all made by the preacher's wife. I had strawberry and it was delicious. My Aunt Linda and her friend Saundra (a new reader I might add) came to the dinner and I think they had a nice time. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable evening - I know I did. The dinner ended a little after 7:00 and I helped clean up for a while and then left about 7:45.

The rest of the night was spent watching shows on the DVR and generally doing a whole lot of nothing. I think I managed to get at least two more loads of laundry done. The weather turned cool this weekend which was awesome. Someone also had an outdoor fire in our neighborhood and it smelled so delightful. I turned off the air and opened the windows and just enjoyed the cool crisp air. It was a great weekend, until Auburn lost to Arkansas at which point it became a perfect fall weekend! Hope you all had a nice weekend as well.


Melissa said...

Happy Fall of the year!!! I kept meaning to tweet that to you, but I think I missed the first day of fall. Anxious to hear more about this Goga-ing....I don't think it has caught on in Nashville yet.

Erika said...

So you know your friend Erika LOVES homemade rolls and would certainly enjoy a tutorial as well..hint hint hint.... :)

GLad you had a perfect fall weekend!

ps - Love the comment about being a Christian.