Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Tidbits

I don't have any particular story to tell today so I will just go with some random tidbits because everyone seems to like that.

A couple of weeks ago I was extremely thirsty for many days in a row and started drinking a lot of water. I drink water some while at work, but one 20 ounce bottle will usually last me a couple or sometimes three days. Since my very thirsty week, I have been drinking a liter of water a day.

The car of a co-worker (W) broke down, close to two months ago - I'm not sure of the exact date as I wasn't aware of when it happened. Our boss, who lives in Arab, was driving the co-worker, who lives in Huntsville, home in the evenings. Somehow another co-worker (T) and I were volunteered to give W a ride. Long story short, W was lent a car for a couple of weeks and so this week is the first week that T and I have had to deal with giving W a ride. T and I are getting a little frustrated with W because W doesn't seem to know anything about what's going on with her car. She doesn't know what all is wrong with it, how much it is going to cost to repair, or when ti will be repaired, etc. She just assumes, we think, that T and I will give her a ride from now until the end of time. I'm here to tell you, that's not going to happen. W also has not offered me or T any gas money, not that she lives that far away from either of us, but we both have to go out of our way to pick her up or bring her home. It's pretty apparent that W is nonchalant about the whole thing and never makes any arrangements and pretty much just assumes that I will pick her up in the morning and T will take her home. If this behavior keeps up, I may just leave her one morning - but then my guilty conscience would drive me nuts. I shall definitely keep you all posted on how this situation turns out.

My Christmas shopping is still a work in progress. I have finished up the shopping for some people and am still stumped on what to get others. This has been one of the most difficult Christmas shopping seasons I've ever had.

The Fitbug is amassing me some major points in our health program at work. I may or may not have discovered ways to earn some steps while not necessarily walking. I'll never tell.

Goga update - I've completed two and a half weeks of Goga. Here's my breakdown to date:
Week One: October 1-6 - Went five times, saunaed four times
Week Two: October 8-13 - Went four times, saunaed twice
Week Three: So far I've been three times, saunaed twice
I would also like to point out that my Aunt Linda is participating in her free Goga week at the Hampton Cove location and she emailed me yesterday and said the Goga had helped with her back pain, which is very exciting! She said she would probably join after her free week. If anyone goes and decides to join at the location at the corner of Airport and Whitesburg, please be sure and mention me, Natasha P., as referring you. If I have five friends join then I get a free month. I'll be measured again on October 29 and will post the results for you to see. Please try to control your excitement until then.

I want to give a shout out to Tony, who I've inundated with emails for the past week since the USADA Reasoned Decision was released. I think we are both still in shock from everything we have read and are still reading and have absorbed so much information in the past week it may take the rest of the year to fully process it all. My only statement is this - I still love cycling!

That's it for today. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Melissa said...

That is crazy about having to haul around your coworker. Hopefully she isn't expecting y'all to keep doing this for too long. Anxious to hear about your Goga results. I'm surprised I haven't heard about it around here yet.

Erika said...

Keep us posted on the "W" situation! And, believe it or not, I am anxiously awaiting the next Goga post on Oct. 29th! If it has worked for you, then I might have to go consider joining myself. I'm so glad it has helped Ms. Linda's back!