Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Goga-ing

Last month I told you about trying Goga and every single person I have encountered at Goga has lost inches and pounds and so I decided that I would give Goga a try for a month and see how it works for me. I signed up for one month this past Monday night, October 1 and my goal is to Goga at least four times a week, more if possible, and then let you in on my results. So far, I have been every night this week. I skipped the sauna on Wednesday night because I didn't want to be sweaty and sticky at church.

The ladies that work at the Goga studios are kind enough to take measurements for you when you sign up. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will share those with you here and then when I am measured again in a month, I will let you know my new measurements so you can see my progress. Jackie also was kind enough to take some really lovely photos of me being measured as well as a "before" photo. I'm wearing some really sexy clothes. Please don't be jealous.

Jackie signed up for 12 sessions for $20. Since she is only able to come on Monday nights, she didn't want to pay $49 for a month. This way, she will be able to come on Monday nights for the next three months or so. She was measured as well and although she is not sharing her measurements with you, I will report on her total inches lost after one month. The difference will be that a) I am bigger than her and will lose more inches (per the girl that works at Goga) and b) I will be Goga-ing more than once a week whereas she will only be Goga-ing once a week.

My measurements (taken on October 01, 2012) are as follows:
Neck: 14.5 inches
Bust: 43 inches
Upper Abs: 39 inches
Waist: 42 inches
Lower Abs: 53 inches
Hips: 52 inches
Left Thigh: 30.75 inches
Right Thigh: 29.75 inches
Left Arm: 15.25 inches
Right Arm: 15 inches
Total Inches: 334.25

I'm really excited about getting this experiment underway. Check back in one month from now to see how many (if any) inches have Goga-ed away!

The "Before" Photo
So Sexy!

 Getting Measured

Measuring the Lower Abs, or is that the Hips?

Measuring my Arms

Jackie getting measured - she looks like she's trying not to smile.


Erika said...

I have been eagerly awaiting the Goga post, and can't wait to see the results in 1 month!
I hope it works well for you!

Jackie said...

I can't wait to see how this all works out. BTW that picture of me is horrifying. I need a tan and some botox STAT!!

Alison said...

Cool! I'm about to join a weight loss challenge at my gym. I can't wait to see the results of your month! :D Good luck!

Aimee's Adventures said...

My friend and I have plans to start after I get back from my honeymoon. I can't wait to see how it works!