Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Fitbug

The posts just keep getting better and better around these parts - please bear with me through this boring stretch of writing.

So, as mentioned many times before, we have a fitness program at work which allows us to accumulate points and when we reach certain levels we receive discounts on our health insurance. The name of the program is Vitality. Maybe from here on out I can just say Vitality and y'all will know what I'm talking about instead of me having to explain it each time. Anyway, one of the ways to earn points is by purchasing a Fitbug device which is basically just a pedometer and then each night you can upload your daily data to the Fitbug web site and then receive points.

Up until recently, if you wanted a Fitbug you had to pay $50 for it and I wasn't really willing to pay that; but, a few weeks ago when I was shopping around the Vitality Mall, I happened to notice that the Fitbug is now available for purchase with points, meaning you don't pay anything so long as you have enough points to purchase it. I'm at the highest level (Platinum) meaning I receive the largest insurance discount and it also allows me the best discount in the Vitality Mall. So, for me, the Fitbug was under 3,000 points and so I went ahead and got one with some points even though I was saving points for something else.

From what I hear, the Fitbug is a super easy way to earn points. As long as you hit 10,000 steps a day, then you will earn 10 points that day and you get an extra 15 points for the first day of the week that you hit 10,000 steps. Really, that's about four miles. I don't know how many miles a day is average, but I'm thinking four miles a day just walking around doing whatever it is we do should be achievable. Plus using it at Goga should help a whole heck of a lot.

The first day I used it was Wednesday and I hit over 10,000 steps. the exact number was, I think, 10,351, then I set it down and stopped counting because it was getting annoying. The first two hours of Thursday I've managed to accumulate 2,295 steps, so I'm about one fourth of the way to the daily goal and I've still got a lot of awake time in front of me. I'm looking forward to using the Fitbug and seeing how many steps I walk each day and more importantly looking forward to earning points towards my insurance discount.


Erika said...

I hope you get lots of points and even more discounts with FitBug :)

Alison said...

That is so cool! I wish Mark's work had this program. I would totally hit that number with my job.