Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Today is Halloween, although most of you will probably read this on Thursday, thus the title of the post. I carved my pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern on Tuesday night and once again, instead of using one of the pasterns that I have always loved, I just free handed it. I think it turned out really cute.

This week at work we began our two-week United Way campaign and we held a costume contest on Halloween. I was once again the organizer of the contest and was really surprised at the low turn out. We only have six contestants. Well, really nine, but there was a group of two that competed as one and a group of three that competed as one. The winner was a girl who dressed as a jelly fish. She wore all white and had a clear umbrella with "tentacles" taped to it made of clear bubble wrap. she looked really cute. She was also one of the winners last year when she dressed up as Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. Another winner was a lady who works in the cafeteria who said she was Oprah undercover. Her hair looked exactly like Oprah's from a few years ago. Wonder if Oprah's Andre came down and did it for her?

After work, I stopped by Goga and then came home to hand out some treats to the neighborhood ghost and goblins. No, for those of you wondering, I did not go to church. If there's one trait I inherited from my mom, it was stay home on Halloween. I had a total of 10 trick-or-treaters this year - nine kids and one adult. Yes, you read that correctly, one adult in an Auburn swetshirt and her face was painted like a tiger. It was very...odd. I have a lot of candy left over; hopefully my co-workers will quickly gobble it up.

In conjunction with Halloween, this past Sunday was the Family Fun Fest at Mayfair. I have been the past couple of years with Jackie and the kids and it is always a fun time. The Fun Fest was from 3:00 - 5:00 and I arrived around 4:15 because I was watching a movie and too lazy to get off the sofa. I met them all at the trunk-or-treat area as they were wrapping up. We stood by Jackie's parents' truck and watched all the little ones come by. One of my favorite costumes was a homemade recycle truck. It was adorable!


Ashlyn and her friends

The front of the recycle truck

The back of the recycle truck

My 2012 Jack-O-Lantern


Jackie said...

I loved that little recycle truck...too cute!

Erika said...

That picture of Ashlyn reminds me so much of Jackie - she is beautiful like her mom.
The recycle truck was too cute!
I rushed home last night and went to Walgreen's to buy candy, and only had 1 trick or treater :( He was so sweet and cute, but wish more kids had stopped by.
You did a great job on your pumpkin.