Monday, June 16, 2014

Blue Plate Broadway 2014 - A Grand Performance

It was another busy weekend and I feel like I went non-stop from the time I left work Friday until I closed my eyes Sunday night. Friday afternoon, I left work around 5:00 p.m. and made a trip by Publix to pick up some items I needed for Father's Day lunch. I ended up buying a Styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice to keep all of my frozen and cold items frozen and cold because I wasn't planning on going home right away. 

After the Publix run, I made a stop at Taziki's for some hummus and pita to have for dinner and I then drove to Huntsville High School where I ate that dinner in my car before watching the 2014 Blue Plate Broadway show. You may recall that for the past three years, Troy and Ashlyn have gone to a performing arts camp each summer called Blue Plate Broadway and at the end of the week-long camp, the children put on a performance of the songs and dances they learned. It is always such a fun week for the kids and the performances are amazing. 

This year was no exception. The show was the best one yet. I cried multiple times throughout the show because of how proud I was of these two kiddos. They are really growing up fast and becoming their own independent grown little people and it has been such a blessing to be a part of watching them grow. Both Troy and Ashlyn had solos in the show and they did so great. The show was hilarious and fun and just an all around good time. Jackie told me that on the second night at the end of the show, they announced that half of the proceeds were being donated to a girl named Lindsey who was a junior counselor. Lindsey is blind and has been a part of Blue Plate Broadway for the last three years if not more. Since her text books need to be in braille, they are more expensive than regular textbooks and so I have no doubt that the donation was a big help to her and her family. I've gotta say I'm kind of glad I wasn't there for that announcement because I would have squalled like a baby. 

After the show, I headed on home. The kids' paternal grandparents and aunt were in attendance and I didn't want to take away from that visit so I told Jackie to pass along my congratulations. I went home and straight to bed for I had a large day ahead of me on Saturday and needed a good amount of rest before continuing on with my weekend. 


Erika said...

Is it the Lindsay that goes to church at Gurley? If so, she is the sweetest thing!

Jackie said...

Yes, Erika it is Lindsay and she along with the counselors sang a song from Wicked, "For Good" that had me straight up bawling. Thanks Natasha for again showing up for my kids. They love their "Godmother":-)