Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Pip's First Birthday

As mentioned in my last post, The Pip's birthday was this past Saturday. She is now a one year old dog, or seven depending on how you look at things (human years vs. dog years and all that). We didn't do anything to celebrate. I think I mentioned I tried to put a birthday shirt on her and take her photo but it didn't work out to well. For one, the shirt was way too big and for two she wouldn't sit still. The shirt says, "It's my birthday and I'll bark if I want to." Maybe next year it will work out. In honor of Pippa's first birthday, here are some photos of her from the first year of her life. You may have seen most of these before, but I'm sharing them again because, why not?

This photo was sent to me by the owner of Pippa's dog mom. She was about three weeks weeks old here. Clearly she looks terrified because the person holding her is wearing a Barner shirt. 

These next couple of photos are from when Pippa was five weeks old. Jackie and the kids and I went out to Hazel Green to look at the litter of pups and decided that Pippa would be the one I would eventually take home. We liked her Brindle coloring and she seemed relatively calm. Clearly she was putting on a show for everyone. 

The next two photos are from August 16, the day she came to live with me. She weighed 10 pounds and was still rather little. Those first few months were interesting/trying. 

She started to grow and the hound in her began to come out.

Pippa became a good snuggler/pillow. 

She learned that hanging out with children at Fall Festival can be exhausting. 

She graduated from puppy training, although I dare say she should probably go back for more. 

She learned that all the good stuff comes from the stove. 

Here she is on the day of her first birthday. 

She's turned out to be a pretty good dog. Happy first birthday The Pip!


Anonymous said...

Love the first year pictures. Happy birthday, Pippa.

Erika said...

Awe...Happy Birthday Pippa! Too bad she wouldn't wear the T-shirt b/c how!
Such cute pics!

Jackie said...

Oh Pippa!!! You have eaten, a pair of my shoes, a bra and my purse strap but you are still the cutest little dog ever or should I say you run a very close second to The Tide. Glad you got a snuggler Nat...those are the best.