Wednesday, October 20, 2010

7th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run - Part Two

As mentioned in the last post, Jackie, Jan and I were on Team Christina this year. Christina attends Twickenham C of C and some of her friends started a team for her as she is in the beginning stages of battling breast cancer. Somehow the word spread and people from other churches began to join, which is how we ended up being on the team. Some of Jan’s friends knew about it and we all decided to join. At last count, I believe there were 144 people on the team, raising the second largest sum of money behind one of the corporations in town. I was able to meet Christina at the Spaghetti Dinner on Friday night and she seemed to be in good spirits and was really excited about all the people running on her team.

The team had really cute shirts, pink for the girls and white for the guys, and we all wore them on race day.

When I got up Saturday morning, I had almost no pain in my foot, which was a modern day miracle; however, I still decided to walk rather than run because I didn’t want to press my luck. I made it through the whole 3.2 miles, but it was the slowest finish time I have ever had, which kind of makes me chuckle. My foot punished me by hurting the rest of the day and weekend.

There were tons of people and tons of pink as always. We had a really fun time and enjoyed spending the morning together.

As a reminder, my college roommate, Melissa, is walking in a 60-mile walk this weekend for breast cancer awareness. Please keep her in your prayers as she attempts to accomplish her goal. She is also volunteering to carry the names of your loved ones with her during her walk. If you’d like for her to remember someone you know, then please check out this blog post and leave her a comment. Good luck Melissa! Love ya!

Here are some pictures for you:

Here are Jackie and I before the race. I had ordered the hat from Etsy and got lots of compliments on it. After we started the race I was ready to shed it because it was getting warm, but my hair was greasy so I kept it on.

There were lots of dogs there and this little one was the first to catch my eye. I loved its doggie sweater.

Here is one of the banners at the tent for Team Christina.
All of the phrases on the banner were on the backs of our shirts.

Another dog - this one and its friend had on pink tutus.
I'm pretty sure The Tide would have nothing to do with wearing a tutu.

Kim, Louwena (not sure if I spelled that right), Jan, Jackie and Me.
I didn't get the dark pants memo apparently

The women's 5K is off to a good start!

There were tons of runners/walkers

Jackie and I thought the shirts for this team were funny.

There were babies along for the ride too!

This one's for you, Tony - with a little less than a mile to go we came across these people blowing Vuvuzelas.
I felt like I was at the World Cup! I heard them before I reached them and knew immediately what they were and I was right!

Here's a closer look!


Melissa said...

Love your hat!!! Thanks again for a link to my blog! I just started a twitter account - hoping to tweet during my 3-day walk this weekend...power sources for charging my phone will be limited.
twitter name (i'm brand new to it a 'twitter name'?): melissadadams

Anonymous said...

Love it love it love it-the post I mean. You took some good pictures. I especially liked the shirt with the saying on it-so stupid I ask Kim and Loweeda if what I saw meant you know and they said yes and we all started laughing. Women are the best-it doesn't matter what happens we come up with something fun and funny.
Also thought the dogs looked so cute. Everyone loved your hat-it was quite a fashion statement. You go girl.
Love you,

Kimberly Washer said...

That hat is soooo cute!! Is that Kim Davis??