Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Apologies, Randolph!

I’m sorry Randolph; I recant my previous statement about your concession stand. I don’t know if someone from Randolph saw my previous review and decided to make some changes or if I just didn’t pay close attention the last time I was there; but, either way, I’m recanting my previous review and Randolph is getting a new grade.

This past Friday, we had the Spaghetti Dinner for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run and so I obviously had my fill of pasta and salad before heading out to Randolph to cover a game for the night. After I got set up, I went down to the concession stand area to use the facilities before the start of the game and I took my camera with me to see if there was anything worth capturing on film.

As I was walking out of the restroom, I heard one of the men working at the concession stand say something about a Five Guys burger and I looked on the menu and lo and behold, Randolph School is now serving Five Guys burgers at their games. You can get a combo with a drink and chips for $5! $5! That’s cheaper than going to Five Guys! If I had known this I may have skipped the spaghetti dinner altogether and opted for the Five Guys burger!

The last time I was there I didn’t see nachos on the menu and they were there this time, along with chili and a Frito pie which seems to be popular at high school concession stands everywhere.

At half time, I got popcorn and a sweet tea (copying Westminster; I also don’t remember this being on the menu before). It took me over five minutes to get the two items and as my brother mentioned in the first post, it was total confusion as to who was ordering – there were no lines and as Justin said, everyone was discombobulated. When I got back up to the place I was sitting – it’s not a press box, but a slanted table at the top of the bleachers – I sat my drink on the table and began munching on the popcorn. The next thing I knew, a slight breeze blew and my tea spilled everywhere. (Great design Randolph! Yes, this is a sarcastic statement.) To make matters worse, there was less than two minutes left until the start of the second half and there was no way I would have time to get another drink. So, I had to eat my popcorn with no drink and spend the rest of the game with a dry thirsty mouth.

They are still serving Pepsi products at Randolph, but maybe they will one day get wise and sign a contract with my beloved Coca-Cola. So, Randolph, I’m sorry; you’re concession stand is actually pretty darn excellent.

Final grade: A- (They do, after all, have Pepsi products!)


Erika said...

Glad Randolph has stepped it up a bit!

Alison said...

You crack me up with your loyalty to Coke! When you are at restaurants and you ask for Diet Coke and they say "is Pepsi okay", what do you do? I always just ask for diet and I buy whatever is on sale. Hmmm...what does that make me? I'm soda easy! Or whatever... :)

Kimberly Washer said...

I really feel like you need someone to join you at games when you might need something. I would have been so mad about my sweet tea spilling. Oh sweet tea...that sounds so good right now!! That is one thing I have been missing over here!!