Monday, October 11, 2010

Huntsville Ghost Walk - Old Town

I have lots to tell you about this week and wanted to kick off with a recap of The Huntsville Ghost Walk – Old Town. As you may recall, last year Jackie, Maria and I did the Huntsville Ghost Walk – Twickenham and had a lot of fun. This year we decided to try the Old Town walk; we had heard it was the best of the walks. They’ve added two more this year, there’s a Big Spring Walk and also a trolley tour. Here’s a link to their web site.

Jackie went with me again this year, as did two friends from work, Sabrina and Sebrina as well as Sebrina’s sister, Denise. When we arrived we got our tickets and ran into Jackie’s parents. We didn’t know they were coming as it was a last minute decision on their part. I think they were just checking in to make sure we were doing what we said we were going to do. Ha!

Yes, I realize I wear this shirt a lot, but it was my good luck shirt, until this past Saturday.

Robert Reeves was out tour guide and he did a really great job. He is a good storyteller and was a lot better than our guide from last year.

When we made the turn from downtown toward Old Town, we walked past an apartment complex of about four units. There was a guy on the balcony of one of the units and he started making a “ghost sound”. It cracked me up and everyone else too as we all had a good laugh. We then bumped into a lady walking her dog and Mr. Reeves knew the dog, which is a therapy dog. She did a couple of tricks for the crowd and then we were on our way. I didn’t get her photo because I was sitting down on some steps resting my feet and couldn’t see her very well.

One of the first houses we came to was at the corner of Randolph. I took a photo that turned out almost completely dark. If you look at it on the camera screen you can see a small streak going across. I brightened it up using auto brightness and the streak is more dominant. Do you think it’s a ghost walking by?

Before Auto Brightness

After Auto Brightness - Is it a ghost?
We came to a house at the corner of Randolph and Calhoun. Wouldn’t you know it I can’t really remember the story at this house except that the ghost is supposed to be in the upper right hand window. I took a few photos here but didn’t get anything good. Upon closer observation, I think there might be an orb there below the second floor windows. Hmmm….

Is that an orb?

Later on we came to a house that is haunted by three men. The three men love the ladies, according to Mr. Reeves. These ghosts think that he brings people there for the ghosts’ entertainment. Jackie, Jan and I each had a photo taken here, but no ghosts showed up. I was a little disappointed.

No orbs around Jan

Or Me

Or Jackie.
Guess the ghosts didn't like us.

There is a house that faces Pratt Avenue that was moved from Clinton Avenue. The house is now a law firm and sits by the Children’s Advocacy Center. In the upper window lives the ghost of Jeremiah Clements, cousin to Samuel Clements, who you may know as Mark Twain. I took a few photos of the windows at that house and in one of them an orb showed up! So exciting!

I took another photo which turned out dark except for a face. Can you see the face? I brightened this one too so you can get a better look at it.

The face is there, but is probably hard to see here on the blog.

I used "Auto Brightness" here and now you can see the face a lot better!

On this house a grandma ghost sits on the front porch, but we didn’t see her.

The lady on the right in the photo below was from the Alabama Paranormal Society and she brought some sort of ghost meter with her. There was a light on it and it was green but when there was paranormal activity, the light would turn red! Creepy! There is a small orb behind her in this photo and the light was red at the time too.

On the same street, this house is haunted by the ghost of a young man who had been in the civil war. There was a large orb above the house and some smaller ones too.

This street also had ghosts of small children who died in the 1800s when the Spanish flu was rampant. The medium that found the ghosts said the children were singing about a bird named Enza. Mr. Reeve’s wife was shocked. She is a Huntsville historian and knew that during the time of the Spanish flu in Huntsville little children would sing, “I had a bird and its name was Enza. I opened the window and in flew Enza.” Jackie and I both got cold on this street and had to put on the long sleeve shirts we brought with us. Mr. Reeves said a lot of women get cold on that street which is a sign that we can feel the presence of the ghosts. Women and children are more susceptible to feeling and sensing and being able to see and speak to spirits.

This is the old Huntsville Times building and it has some ghosts in it and a lot of orbs showed up in the photo. I brightened this one also so you can get a better look. My camera also started acting kind of weird a few times around this spot, which Mr. Reeves said is an indication of spirits because they feed off of energy.

Before Auto Brightness

After Auto Brightness

This was a really fun walk and we all enjoyed it immensely! I hope you can see the pictures okay. You may be able to click on them and look at larger versions to see them better. These small photos aren't as revealing as looking at them up close.

The price for the walking tours is $8.00 and the trolley tour is $12. They start at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday nights in June – October and in October they also have tours on Friday nights at the same time. If you are interested in going and would like additional information, check out their web site here.


Erika said...

Thanks for reminding me about these; did one last year and it was really fun.
Your camera skills improveth ;)

Anonymous said...

Great job with your description of the walk. I was trying to tell Kim and Christa about it but didn't do a very good job.
We had a good time and it was especially fun being with my girls.
The pictures you took were very good.
I can tell you have lost weigh you look awesome. Look forward to dinner Friday night and our walk on Saturday.
Love you

Candy said...

Looks like dust to I would love to do this tour but don't know if my little legs would hold out. Love all the pictures...especially the face one, creepy!

Wil said...

Thank You for the GREAT review of the tour. I am one of the guides.