Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You’re My Car, Blue!

Because I didn’t do anything fun and/or exciting over the weekend, which was an absolute blessing I might add, you get to hear a boring story today.

I got my car back yesterday and turned in The Rental. I was very glad to get Blue back, Blue being my car. Do you name your car? I have always named the cars I’ve driven. For whatever reason, I haven’t found a name I like for my current car and this morning it hit me that I think Tony and I may have decided to call it Blue, as in “You’re my boy, Blue!” from the movie Old School. Maybe we didn’t; maybe this is just something I dreamt up overnight. I honestly cannot remember; but, at any rate, my car has, as of this morning, been dubbed Blue.

I got the call yesterday afternoon at about 3:30 that Blue was ready to be picked up. So, I went ahead and left work because I had to put some gas in The Rental before I turned it in. I was actually glad to be rid of The Rental. I don’t like to drive cars that I don’t own; it makes me nervous. The Rental was a smooth ride, no doubt and I will definitely miss the satellite radio. Being able to listen to ESPN radio all day long without some local joker talk show host was indeed a little slice of heaven! Other than that, there wasn’t much I was overly impressed with about the car and I was happy to once again be in the comfortable and familiar confines of Blue.

When I got to the shop to pick it up, I had to wait about 15 minutes for the paperwork to be completed. Um, hello, if you call and say the car is ready, there shouldn’t be any additional administrative duties to complete, causing the customer to wait.

Blue looks as good as new up front where the work was completed. It’s as though P never even hit the car! I’m happy with the way it looks and even happier that P’s insurance paid for it all. They even washed the outside and vacuumed the inside – what more can you as for?

When I got into Blue, it felt like I was sitting on the ground. I had noticed when I took possession of The Rental that the driver’s seat sat up higher, which I liked a lot better than riding low to the ground like I was about to partake in a drive-by. I started fidgeting with the seat controls and lo and behold, I discovered that I could move the driver’s seat up higher! I was so giddy with joy I could hardly control myself. I had never noticed this function before. You see, Blue was my dad’s company car before I purchased it and so when I bought the car, the driver’s seat settings were to my dad’s liking. Well, I never in a million years realized I could move the driver’s seat to a higher position. Sure, I’ve straightened the back of the seat and moved it forward but as for being a low rider, I just thought it was how the car was made. I had no idea this was actually my dad’s preference.

So, I’m now riding high in Blue, and I’m sure glad to have her back!


Kimberly Washer said...

Yes, we name our cars!!! My Ford Ranger is Ranger Joe. Shelley's green bug is Allie Bug. Our old green car that was ghetto was the green machine. Since I haven't lived at home since mom and dad got their new cars they don't have names, but I'm sure something will stick one day! I'm glad you have Blue back and you driving a little bit higher!

Anonymous said...

Ok. I love this story. Because Kenzie named her truck the danger ranger. She was very upset when her danger ranger got hit because it has been very good to her over the years.
I definitely loved the part of the seat adjustment. You go girl-learning something new everyday.
Love you