Friday, October 29, 2010

Mayfair's Fall Festival

Last Sunday, I tagged along with Jackie and her kids and Maria and her kids as the old maid aunt at the Mayfair Fall Festival. The festival started at 3:00 p.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. and had tons of games and prizes and snacks and face painting – pretty much everything you could ask for in a fall festival.

I arrived a few minutes after 3:00 and met up with everyone. When I got there, Reagan and Ashlyn were having their faces painted and the boys were, well, running around being boys. All of the kids wore the Halloween costumes, with the exception of Jordan who is apparently too cool. Ashlyn was a hippie. Reagan was Sacagawea. Troy was a Dementor. Jacob was an old man – and hilarious. Seriously I wish ya’ll could have seen him in person – HI-LAR-I-OUS!

A Hippie


A Dementor

The Old Man

After playing a few games, we went inside for some snacks – popcorn and sodas and cotton candy. Then the kids posed by the fall scenery for a group photo. I also took a close up of Try’s Death Eater hands. I don’t know how Jackie didn’t keep from pulling her hair out because one minute he wanted the hands on and the next minute he didn’t and let me tell you, people, those hands were not easy to get on. Jackie, you’re a good mom!

When we finished up with our snacks, we headed back outside for a hayride over to the trunk or treating area. I told Jackie I wish we could go on a real hayride. I don’t even know where you would go to do such a think but I have always been a fan of the hayride. It brings back good memories.

Here we are on the hayride

We arrived over at the trunk-or-treat area and the kids were ready with bags in tow to be filled with sugary goodness. There were about 20 or 30 cars that participated in the trunk-or-treat and some of them ran out of candy. Others had enough to feed an army of children.

I snagged a ring pop from this cauldron.

There were some dogs there, and the kids petted them, including this dog that belongs to our friends Christa and Jason. I actually don’t know what the little dog’s real name is, but his shirt says he’s the “Little Devil”.

Our friend Kim was dressed up as a witch of some sort and looked really good. I love her blue hair!

A lot of people decorated the trucks of backs of their cars for the festivities.

After the trunk-or-treating, the kids sat down in the grass and discussed their loot of candy. Trades were made and bargains were struck so that everyone could have what they wanted.

Looks like Troy is contmeplating taking those
Death Eater hands off... again!

When it was all over there was a quick devotional in the gym and then everyone went their separate ways. It was a fun afternoon and a great time was had by all!


Jackie said...

Great blog post! The pictures were awesome! I love Mayfair's Funfest even though it is totally chaotic!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing pictures. I can't find one picture on my camera. jackie thinks I deleted them. She did get a few good ones of Troy last night. He was so funny looking and his hair. Everything was very cute and he did a good job of singing telling his poem and dancing. Have jackie tell you about it-it was so funny.
Are you going tomorrow morning?