Monday, October 25, 2010

Questions Answered and What’s Up Next

It was another busy weekend for me, only this time I actually had a moment or two to relax a little as well instead of constantly being on the go, which was a much welcome relief. Stay tuned for posts on all the activities.

Friday night I was out at Sparkman once again and this time I had a room in the press box all to myself. The game was really good, won in the last six seconds of play on a field goal by Buckhorn. Since I’ve already reviewed the concession stand at Sparkman, there will be no review this week. I hope you aren’t too disappointed. I once again had a cheeseburger and some popcorn, and brought my own Diet Coke (they have Pepsi at Sparkman, remember?

This leads me to answering some of the questions you have posted in the comments section over the last couple of days. Yes, Alison I have a love for Diet Coke beyond measure. I take it you missed the Ode to Diet Coke post. It was written a long time ago before you were a reader. So, perhaps you will go back and take a look at it. To answer your question, when I am at a restaurant and they have Pepsi products, I drink water. Nothing satisfies like a Diet Coke, Alison, nothing! By the way, sorry for previously putting two “Ls” in your name; only today did I realize there is only one!

To answer Kimberly’s questions: 1) Yes, that was Kim Davis. Later this week I will have a photo of her from Mayfair’s trunk-or-treat. You won’t want to miss it. 2) You can find the stats about your blog by clicking on “stats” from your dashboard or it will be one of the tabs when you are in the posting screen.

Sorry to those of you who were bored by my answering questions, but I want to make sure everyone stays informed and I can only communicate with Kimberly through hidden messages and answer sessions like this because I don’t have an email address for her. Thanks for your patience.

Later today (fingers crossed) I should have a review of the new Shutterfly holiday cards; so, check back later for that. Also up this week: Mayfair’s Fall Festival and Trunk-Or-Treat, A review of Sam and Greg’s pizza, Yoga by the River, and a recap of tonight’s Ladies’ Night Out costume party! Hope you’ll stop back by. Have a good week.


Erika said...

ooooo I'm looking forward to the upcoming posts! I love Sam & Greg's pizza; I hope you liked it. Interested to see what you have to say about Yoga by the River; I've been seeing those signs when I go to worship at Owens Crossroads.

Kimberly Washer said...

I agree with Erika!! I love how you did that. It really makes people want to come back and read!! I might have to implement that on my own blog!! Thanks for the info. Oh and my email address is!

Alison said...

Thanks for answering my question, Natasha! I still cannot understand why you would do without dark, fizzy goodness when eating pizza or Mexican food. I honestly don't know which one my favorite places serve. I'll drink any of them as long as they are carbonated and artificially sweet. I do applaud your loyalty! :)