Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Thoughts for Friday

Well, we’ve made it to another Friday. What does everyone have in store for the weekend? If you want something interesting to do, head out to Olivia’s tonight to listen to Tony’s band, Local Orbit, play. They are having a super power social and are all dressing up as either a super hero or a villain. Should be interesting. My baby brother turns 30 on Monday and we will be celebrating his birthday with grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on Saturday; and Sunday I’m heading out with Jackie and the kids to see the Fantasy Playhouse version of The Wizard of Oz.

Charlie update: Charlie hasn’t spent much time around the fire pit this week, but he does have a new supply of wood. Last Sunday Charlie was spotted with a small poodle that had red bows in its hair. I’m not sure if this is Charlie’s poodle or if maybe he shares custody of the poodle. This was the first time I have seen the poodle so I’m not sure what its story is. If I find out, I’ll let you know. When I got home from the gym last night, there was a nice looking lady sitting on Charlie’s porch. Not sure who she was, but she left soon after I got home.

The Whistlestop Festival is this weekend in Huntsville, which means I’ll be able to heard loud music at my house into the wee hours of the night. Why does it always rain the weekend of the Whistlestop? It’s always a sure thing: Whistlestop = rain.

Tomorrow is the first day of May, May Day. Somehow I doubt anyone around these parts will be dancing around a pole considering how much it is supposed to rain this weekend. I suppose we will all get a reprieve from mowing our lawns, but that means taller grass for next week.

Clearly, I have nothing of importance to say today. I just didn’t want to disappoint my loyal readers when they checked in over here. I’ve racked my brain for something else to add to these random thoughts and I’ve come up with nothing. Maybe if I think of something later in the day, I can update this post. But, I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on that happening. Hope everyone has a great weekend – despite the rain.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Panoply 2010

Tony and I went to Panoply over the weekend. Did anyone else go? Tony volunteered at the merchandise tent on Friday night. After I mowed the lawn and cleaned myself up, I headed downtown to meet him.

My first dilemma was parking. There were boy scouts everywhere and if you know me, then you probably know I’m too cheap to pay for parking. I found a spot where there were neither boy scouts nor a sign asking for parking money. I parked and as soon as I got out of the car a kid came running up to me asking for $5 to park. I told him I wasn’t paying to park there and he said that the parking lot I had parked in went with the one across the street where boy scouts were taking money to park. I said, “There is a sign at the parking lot across the street, there is not a sign in this parking lot. If I had parked across the street, I would have given you $5, but I parked here, and there is no sign and I am not paying you $5.” He looked at me and said, “OK.” And with that I walked off, hoping my car would still be in the same spot in the same condition when I returned.

I made it in to Panoply and met up with Tony and we proceeded to buy as much junk food as possible for two people. I started off with the one thing I had been talking about all week, ribbon fries, or as I like to call them, curly potatoes. I have a love affair with curly potatoes. In fact, I remember the first time I ever had them and what I was wearing on that day – my brain is scary, I realize this and that’s a topic for another post because we don’t have time for all of that today. Tony got fries, a corn dog and … wait for it… fried grouper. Yes, the world’s pickiest eater decided to get fried grouper from a stand at Panoply. I tried a bite of it and it really wasn’t too bad. He didn’t care for it that much (big surprise) and ended up getting another corn dog. I also got a corn dog and it was quite good.

Ribbon Fries; AKA "Curly Potatoes

After we ate, Jackie called and she and our other friend, Denny were coming to meet up with us. As they were walking in, it started sprinkling. They met up with us at the tent we were at and we listened to all of about four songs of the Maple Hill Band and then a girl got on the microphone and told us all the leave the park because they were shutting things down for the night because of the weather. In the meantime, the fireworks scheduled for 9:00 had already gone off and we didn’t get to see them thanks in part to a large tree obstructing our view. Clearly if we had known they were going to happen, we could have moved to a more viewer friendly location.

The Maple Hill Band

The Fab Four

So, we left the park and all headed back to the house to play cards where Jackie and the champion Tony proceeded to put the beat down on me and Denny with their superior card playing skills, or luck, however you want to look at it. And, by the way, my car was still in its parked location, unharmed.

Sunday night, Tony and I went to Panoply once again and once again had to make a tough decision about what kind of junk food to get. I went with the chicken pita and a Greek salad, which was good, but I wish I had gone with those curly potatoes again; and Tony got a burrito. I think he regretted his decision as well. We listened to a band we went to see and I snagged a free reusable grocery bag and then the fireworks went off as scheduled and we were able to see them this time.

It was a fun time at Panoply this year. I only wish I had had more time to check out all the exhibits and such. Since it was cancelled on Saturday because of weather, it was hard to cram everything in to the short time we were able to spend at the park. I’m looking forward to next year’s Panoply and hoping for nicer weather.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Show Your Teeth

Sometimes when I have a multitude of things to after work, Tony will be kind enough to go over to my house and let The Tide out for an afternoon bathroom break. (Thanks, Tony!) For a while now, Tony has been telling me that The Tide shows her teeth, or smiles at him when he comes over to let her out. As soon as he opens the door and she comes from the other room, she will come walking towards the front door with her teeth showing.

I thought he was crazy. I’ve never seen this teeth showing Tide. He said she would also do it if I left the room and he started playing with her; but I had never seen it, and to my knowledge, she doesn’t do this with anyone else. For the past couple of weeks or so, we will say to The Tide, “Show Your Teeth,” you know, because obviously she knows what we’re saying to her, right? Well, she was non-compliant and wouldn’t do it. Then we decided that if we were out and coming back to my house that Tony would open the door so I could see these ferocious teeth of hers. It worked! I finally caught a glimpse of The Tide baring her teeth.

I tried to capture it on camera, but wasn’t able to, until Saturday night. Tony and I were n the couch and The Tide was in the floor and Tony would point at her and say, “Hey,” and she showed her teeth like nobody’s business; and I finally caught it on camera. I realize this story may not seem very good to you, but I assure you, if you saw her showing her teeth, it would crack you up. Hope this picture of the aforementioned teeth cracks you up as much as it does me and Tony.

The famous teeth

A close up view

Getting some love from Tony

Wondering why her photo's being taken so much

One of the failed attempts of taking her photo when I walked in the house.
This photo made me laugh too.

Friday, April 23, 2010


TGIF, people! I love Fridays and today is no exception. Fridays mean I can leave work early and go home to mow the lawn, which I guess isn’t that exciting, but it feels liberating and it means the start of the weekend!

Panoply is coming up this weekend. It begins tomorrow and goes through Sunday, with fireworks nightly. I have always been a big fan of Panoply. I loved going to make all the crafts when I was a kid and I have always enjoyed the performances. You can get a weekend pass for $10 or pay $5 a day at the gate. Remember when Panoply was free? Ah... those were the days.

This weekend marks the opening of the Fantasy Playhouse production of The Wizard of Oz. This play is directed by my friend and co-worker, Bill Jenkins and another friend of mine, Matt Crawford plays the flying monkey king. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I have plans to see it on May 2 with Jackie and her kids, but wanted to mention it now so that you can get tickets before they are gone. Tickets are just $10 and you can order them by calling 256-539-6829.

It seems as though this blog is turning into an arts and entertainment advertisement for the city of Huntsville.

I had a sandwich stolen from the fridge at work this week. Earlier this year, I mentioned that Tony and I had some pizza stolen one day. Monday of this week, I had brought two sandwiches for our lunch and when we went to get them, there was only one sandwich. I really have a hard time understanding why someone would steal food from the fridge. They don’t know who made the food, or how it was prepared. I have no problem helping people out if they can’t afford a lunch, but for someone to just outright take food that doesn’t belong to them is just wrong… and weird!

Charlie was out at the fire pit again last night and he has an additional two chairs out there. He originally just had two chairs, but now there is a total of four and they are all positioned around the fire pit, which I find to be funny because to my knowledge Charlie hasn’t had any guests join him out there.

I know a few of you watch Survivor and I just want to comment on how stupid J.T. is this season. He completely deserved to get the boot last night. His stupidity did him in. I really liked him the first time he played but this time around he pulled some really dumb moves, namely, trusting that snake, Russell.

Deadliest Catch started last week and the first two episodes have been extremely entertaining. There’s lots of drama on the Bering Sea this season, and I love it! It makes me sad to see Captain Phil knowing that these episodes were the last footage of him before he died. RIP Captain Phil.

Last night at Zumba, I found out that Thursday night’s teacher, Camille, is moving away and won’t be teaching anymore. This really makes me sad. I cannot even begin to describe how much I have enjoyed her class. It has been extremely motivating and she will definitely be missed.

That’s all I can think of to say as of now. If something inspirational comes my way before the end of the day, I’ll update this post. I hope you all have a happy weekend around the fire pit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I mentioned in my last post that I have a new neighbor, Charlie, who sits outside at night by his fire pit smoking a stogie and sipping on a glass of wine. Both Monday and Tuesday nights this week I had some friends over and neither night Charlie came out to sit by his fire pit. We were extremely disappointed. Last night Charlie made his return to the fire pit. I immediately sent a text to my friends. Lisa said to take a photo and so I snapped on my big mama lens and pointed it out the window so that everyone can catch a glimpse of Charlie sitting by the fire pit. It made me feel like an undercover detective. Have a good Thursday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Thoughts for Monday

It’s Monday and over half of April has passed us by, can you believe it? Time certainly does fly by, as they say. Since there’s not much really going on in my life, I decided to do a random thoughts post for today and catch you up on some things.

Daily Bible Reading – As I mentioned earlier this year, I set a goal for myself to be a daily Bible reader. I’ve never actually done it for a whole year, which is not something I should be admitting. At any rate, I’ve done really well with it this year. I’ve only missed three days. The first day I missed was my birthday; I guess I got caught up in the excitement of it all or something like that. Then I missed a day a couple of weeks ago because I had fallen asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until after midnight, which is the next day; and then, shockingly, I missed a day over this past weekend because I simply forgot to do it. I had planned on it throughout the day and then just kept putting it off. So, three missed days out of 109 days in the year isn’t so bad.

The Gym – If you read this blog often, then you know I joined a gym here in town last month. The main reason I joined was to participate in the classes they had to offer. I figured it would help me get motivated to get more active and hopefully lose a few pounds. I am proud to say that I have been going four days a week and taking a class each of those times. So, each time I go, I’m there for at least an hour and sometimes longer. I’ve really enjoyed the classes. In fact, Tony asked me this past weekend how I was liking it and I said, “I love it.” He said he wasn’t expecting that strong of a response, but it’s true. I have really enjoyed going and hope I can stay motivated. I’ve steered away from the scales for a while so I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight yet, but hopefully I will soon enough.

The Neighbors – As long as I have lived in Five Points, I have not had neighbors in either of the houses next door to me. When looking at my house, the house the left was once owned by my great-aunt, sold to a not-so-nice couple who updated it and put it on the market. The house to the left is owned by a man who owns multiple houses in town but he had decided not to rent it because he was tired of dealing with tenants. Really, I think his mother had a special place in her heart for the house and didn’t want it rented. Well, the mother passed away in December and now the man has rented the house. So, four years and four months of having no neighbors, I now have neighbors.

To the right is Charlie, a single man, I’m guessing in his 60s, who I hear is recently divorced. He introduced himself to me and Tony over the weekend. He went to school at Alabama (positive) and seemed a little awkward when conversing with us. Last night when Tony and I got home from eating dinner, I could smell wood burning. Well, it turns out that Charlie was outside with this fire pit going strong, sipping on a glass of wine and puffing away on a stogie. He had no company but the cool night air. It was quite interesting. On Saturday night when he had introduced himself, he was starting a fire in the pit then too. I’m wondering if this is Charlie’s nightly ritual. I’ll keep you posted.

To the left is Tina, who I am told works at Duffy’s Deli. I’m not sure because I haven’t had a chance to ask her about it. She moved in over the weekend, with the majority of the big stuff being moved yesterday with the help of four hippie guys drinking beers. The odd thing about her is that she left a lot of the big items she moved yesterday either on the front porch or in the back yard overnight. They were still there this morning. I found this strange because I’m sure the morning dew isn’t good for furniture. I’m told Tina has a dog named Dudley. I sure hope The Tide gets along with Dudley. Time will only tell. I’ll keep you posted on this adventure as well.

The Garden – I still haven’t planted my garden yet. Last year I did it the first weekend in May so I’m telling myself I’m not too late yet. I’d like to do it next weekend, but I’m not sure it will be possible because of all that I’ve got going on. Tony has located a tiller (Thanks, Tony!) and I need his help and since he is volunteering at Panoply in the morning and I am going to a play in the afternoon, there may not be time this weekend and it may have to wait until the next weekend. But, once it’s planted I’ll let you know and keep you posted on the progress. I know you’re thrilled.

Books – I finished The Kitchen House on Friday. Excellent read. I raved about it here and am recommending it to anyone looking for a book to read. I found it to be exceptionally wonderful.

I think this about sums up the randomness for today. Hope everyone has a great Monday to start the week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review: The Kitchen House

As I am sure many of you know, I LOVE to read. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time to do it because of the busy pace of life. Earlier this year, I reviewed Half Broke Horses on my blog and after I finished that book, I read the entire Percy Jackson series, which was fantastic (although no Harry Potter).

Currently I am reading The Kitchen House, this was an editor’s choice in my book club and the description seemed interesting and so I went ahead and bought it and started reading it a few days ago. I realize it is a little unorthodox to write a book review when you haven’t even finished reading the book; but, OH MY WORD! This book is so riveting! I cannot even put into words how good it is.

If I were able, I would have read it all day long and would have finished by now; but, life has gotten in the way and I’ve had to take breaks for things like work and sleep. The author is Kathleen Grissom, and this is her FIRST BOOK! I cannot get over how wonderful this book is to have been written by a first time author. If you only read one book of fiction this year, I implore you to make it this one. It is one of the best books I have read in years. I have laughed, smiled, cried and frowned throughout this book. Yesterday during my lunch break I was crying like a baby and had to stop reading.

The book is about a young girl who is orphaned and brought over to America on a ship from Ireland in the late 1700s. She is sent to live in the kitchen house on a tobacco plantation and grows up with the slaves there and considers them her own family. The plot is obviously a lot more detailed than this and the characters are so well defined it’s like you can actually see and hear them when you are reading.

I’ve just read something in the book that made me turn immediately to my computer and start writing this review because I just couldn’t believe how things were going and I had to share this amazing discovery with you all. Once I finish the book, I will let you know my final verdict, but I don’t think it’s going to be much different than it is now – this is a fabulous book and I think Oprah should pick it for her book club. Oprah, are you listening? Pick The Kitchen House, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Movie Review - Clash of the Titans

As I type, someone in the distance is moaning. I’m not sure what that’s all about, and I don’t think I want to know. It’s awfully odd. And now on to more important things… a movie review.

Last Friday, Tony and I finally made it out to the movie theater. What with Tony’s weekly gigs on Friday nights and all the NCAA basketball on Saturdays, and The Amazing Race on Sundays, the movie theater has been nothing but a distant memory as of late. But, basketball is over (Congrats, Duke) and Tony didn’t have a show this past Friday. So, Tony dug into the depths of his pockets, picked out the lint and took me out for a movie.

We had big plans to see Clash of the Titans when we first heard it was coming out. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Tony was a big fan of the original and owns it on DVD and a few months ago brought it over for us to watch. I liked it quite a bit, despite the extremely cheesy special effect, which I’m sure were state of the art in 1981. So, needless to say, I was looking forward to this CGI infused remake.

Now you may or may not know this about me, but my favorite types of movies involve those that have to do with war, middle earth, or the Roman Empire or anything that has a lot of battle scenes, which I guess could also classify as war. Seeing as how this movie looked to be packed full of battle scenes and olden times, it was yet another reason or two for me to be excited.

This remake was really good, people! I mean, really good. I loved it, I’m not gonna lie. Both the original and this remake are great movies in their own respect and I like both of them, not necessarily one better than the other. This remake had a lot of wonderful special effects. The acting was great and the movie was also suspenseful at times, even though, generally speaking, we knew what was going to happen. There were a few things left out and a few things added, but it didn’t take away from the film. The only thing I was disappointed about was that there wasn’t a big kiss at the end – you’ll know what I’m talking about if you go to see it. If you like these type of epic movies, then I think you will definitely like this one. I enjoyed it immensely and will more than likely buy it on DVD when it comes out.

Added: I forgot to write this in the original post and just thought of it when I was looking over it. Anyway, Tony really liked this movie too. Tony's response to everything, and I mean everything is "it was pretty good." That's what he said about this movie too and then on Saturday, he commented, twice I might add, that he really liked it; and that's saying something coming from Mr. Pretty Good.

We saw the movie in 2D because a lot of people had said there wasn’t much 3D to it and it was still great. So, save that extra two bucks and buy yourself a soda to sneak in because we all know you’re not getting anything for two bucks at the theater.

Tony's take: pretty good

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New Church Building

As mentioned in this post, the church I attend is building a new building. A couple of Saturdays ago, I was able to go out to the new facility and take a tour of what has been done. Much more progress has been made since these pictures were taken, I’m sure; but I wanted to post these on here anyway. Unfortunately, you can’t really tell from the photos, but this building is HUGE; a lot bigger than I anticipated. I know everyone is excited about moving in when it is finally completed.

View of the Front

Elevator Shaft

This is going to be a wing of classrooms downstairs

The fellowship hall, which is also where we will be worshipping when we first move in.

Rudye, Gladys, and Libby in a deep conversation.

Storage room for tables and chairs.

You know me; I always have to find something humorous, and for some reason I thought this pack of smokes in the church building was comical.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Tink

I took this picture of The Tide (now also known as Big Tink) a few weeks ago and thought it was funny. I hope it gives you a little laugh today.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is a great time of year. The weather (usually) isn’t too hot and all the colors burst from trees and flowers and bushes. I’m wondering if this is going to be a quick spring since it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today. I hope not. I’m not ready to sweat profusely every time I get in my car.

As mentioned in an earlier post, last week I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. When I mow the lawn I like to look out at it over and over again because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. (I know; I’m weird). Sunday afternoon when I was looking out back, the buds on my crab apple tree had still not opened. Yesterday afternoon when I got home from the gym, I looked out back again and almost all the buds had opened. I think this is one of the prettiest trees when it is blooming. I have two of them and they were given to me by Naaman Goode, and he and his son, Adam planted them for me a couple of years ago. Naaman grew these trees himself. He planted them not long after my two childhood dogs passed away and so I named the trees Oscar and Thunder, after my dogs. The blooms were so pretty that I went inside to get my camera so I could take a few photos. Here they are. Hope you enjoy them.

They look a lot prettier up close, huh?

The newly nicknamed Big Tink

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Did anyone find the golden egg? When I was a kid, my paternal grandparents would have an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. I think all the kids from the church they attended came too; and there was a golden egg that had the grand prize in it – probably cash. Those were fun times. Easter also reminds me of my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Effie Phipps, who would hang plastic Easter eggs from the tress in her front yard and she also had inflatable bunnies in the yard. I also loved getting a new dress for Easter.

I didn’t participate in any egg hunts this weekend, but I did attend the first birthday party of Miss Chelsea Elisabeth Bryan. She is one year old today, which is hard to believe! Time sure flies when you get older. There was an Easter egg hunt at the party, but it was only for the younger kids, not the older ones like me. It was a really fun time. The day was beautiful and everything seems peaceful out on the farm (that is when Silas isn't crying - ha - now I know how that hair cut gal felt!). Chelsea received a ton of gifts and will be a well-clothed baby for the next few months. While we were there, we stopped in to Wes and Amy’s house to look around since I had never been there before. Tinkerbelle, Amy’s dog was there to great us. I said hello to Tink and Tony must have takin’ a liking to that name because he is now calling The Tide, Big Tink. Here are some pictures (Thanks, Peggy!)

Sadly, there was no big Easter lunch for me yesterday. I had a grilled cheese and some potato chips before my weekly Sunday afternoon nap. I cooked the Pioneer Woman’s Passover Brisket for dinner last night, which I thought was really good. Tony didn’t eat any (shocking!) so I have no idea as to whether or not I should cook it again. We also had pinto beans and okra. I had called my grandmother earlier in the week and asked her how she fried her okra. Brace yourselves, people… she cooks it in the oven in her iron skillet. I was skeptical, but gave it a try last night and it was the best okra I have ever cooked. There was hardly any left over and Tony and I may end up fighting for the last few bits at lunch today.

In other random news, the Jim Brickman post received yet another comment. I don’t know how people keep finding this post and commenting on it, but it cracks me up. If you haven’t seen my impersonation, please ask me to show you, especially if you need a laugh or two.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend!

This has been yet another hectic week for me and there hasn't been much time for blogging. Hopefully things will slow down soon. I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of goodies and that you find the golden egg! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here's What's Happening

Well, it’s April, and I’m happy to report that some of the soreness in my legs has left me. Praise Jesus! Tuesday I worked on arms, but with a lot less weight than 190 pounds. My arms are sore, but not nearly as sore as my legs were. I’m still walking a little funny, but this too shall pass.

Yesterday I got the bike out of the shed and rode it to church. Tony had come over on Tuesday and made sure there was air in the tires. I really enjoyed the ride and had forgotten how much fun it is. I haven’t ridden since the fall; so, it was nice to get out on the bike again.

This afternoon I plan to mow the lawn for the first time this season. It is really getting out of control. I should have taken a photo. Maybe I’ll remember before I mow it today. I was trying to hold out until April – and I did! I’m looking forward to seeing the freshly mown lawn. I always dread getting started, but once it is complete, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I still haven’t planted my garden. Since my brother will be coming home next week, I am hoping he will be kind enough to help me with it – in other words, I’m going to ask him to till up the ground for me. I’m going with tomatoes and peppers again this year, but haven’t decided what else if anything I’m going to plant. I need to get some good tomato cages this year. The ones I had last year were terrible and I ended up throwing them out.

I’ve also got a few home improvement projects to work on this spring – that is if Uncle Sam will ever send me my tax refund money. I need a new door frame for my front door, a new screen door for my back door, I might be planting a new tree or two, I need to spruce up my mailbox, along with some other things that I can’t quite think of right now. So, when I finally get around to accomplishing these projects, I’ll write about it here so you can read all about how exciting my life is.

I suppose this is all the news I have for today, which isn’t news at all; but it’s all I’ve got for now. Life just seems to be creeping along, with nothing spectacular to write about, which I guess can be a good thing.