Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Since I took some time of from blogging last week, I’m behind on sharing with you my White Christmas photos. Most people probably already posted theirs, but I like to be original and wait until a week or so after Christmas – at least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Better late than never, right?

After having trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve, I woke up at about 5:30 on Christmas morning. This is the time I normally get up and so I guess my body thought it was a work day. I let The Tide out and it was only raining, which was really disappointing, but not surprising because we rarely get snow when the weather forecasters predict we will.

After I let The Tide back in, I got back in bed and did some reading and television watching until it was time to get ready for the day. At about 7:00, I got up to take my first shower in three weeks (yay!) and looked outside again and I was amazed to find that not only had it started snowing, but the ground was literally covered in the white stuff! It was amazing and so pretty. I called my mother and she didn’t believe me but finally she was convinced. When I got off the phone, I hurriedly took a shower (did I mention it was the first on in three weeks – felt good, I tell ya!) and then proceeded to run around like a chicken with my head cut off while trying to load up the car with presents, food for Christmas dinner, clothes to spend the night, and a dog. It was madness, people, sheer madness.

The Tide snuck out the door before I was ready for her to and jumped on in the car. She really loves a car ride and I guess she was ready to go see what Santa had brought for her. So, after she was loaded in, I still had some other things to bring out. It was obviously quite cold outside, but I was breaking a sweat as though I had just run a marathon.

My brother and granddad were supposed to have come by about 8:30 to help me carry the food over to my parents’ house but when I called them at 8:30 they still had not left so I told them to bypass me and go on over to Mother and Daddy’s because I wasn’t waiting any longer. I was in quite a panic. Any Northerners reading this may think it odd that folks would be in such a panic about some snow but down here in Alabama people get crazy and the streets are impassable and it’s complete and utter insanity.

Finally after getting off the phone with my granddad, The Tide and I were finally ready to hit the snowy streets; and I do mean snowy! It’s been a sweet forever since snow has covered the streets like it did on Christmas day. My parent’s live across Monte Sano Mountain and I heard on the radio that the roads on the mountain were already closed but when I got to Governor’s Drive to head that way there were no barricades up and we trekked on. I called my mother throughout the drive and gave her updates which were quite funny if I do say so myself. There weren’t many people on the road, thankfully and the few that were, were all driving slowly and cautiously. What normally is about a 15 minute drive took close to 45 minutes.

We finally arrived and the snow was still coming down in buckets. The Tide jumped out of the car and went on in the house and my dad came out and helped me unload all the presents and food, etc.

My brother and granddad arrived about 30 minutes or so after I did and we were finally able to have our Christmas morning festivities. Here are some photos from the whitest Christmas I’ve ever known.

This is my backyard. It almost looks like a white out!

To the right of my porch

In front of my house

Another view from the front

A view from the front of my parents' house

Another one - that was a large snowman but it fell down later.

My parents' house

The cars in the driveway. No accidents on this snowy day.
Thank goodness!

My parents' wanted to have their photo with the snow.

I stayed with my parents over the weekend and came back home on Monday.
This is what the house looked like when I got back home.

There was a lot more snow in the backyard when we got home.
The Tide is checking out the place.
Don't eat the yellow snow!


Erika said...

So pretty! I'm glad you made it over the mountain safely.
It was nice having a white Christmas.

Kimberly Washer said...

So beautiful!! Did you think to save me some :)