Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010 Recap

Today, I’m continuing with this week’s theme of belated Christmas posts; I sure hope you don’t mind. This will hopefully be the last one.

After everyone (me, my brother and granddad) arrived over at my parents’ house, we were treated to a breakfast of homemade waffles thanks to my dad. I didn’t even know he had a waffle iron! They were good and I think most of us were glad to have something warm in our bellies.

Then came the part we had all been waiting for – presents! I love buying presents for people. I’ve mentioned it before and will say it again, I think I do a pretty good job of picking out gifts for people and I always like to see their reaction to the gifts I have chosen for them.

For my mom, I got a homemade Alabama jacket, and I, of course, didn’t take any photos of it. She wore it to church this past Sunday and got a lot of compliments from what I hear. I also got her some jewelry and some house shoe boots and some other things.

Nice boots, Deb!

For my dad, I got a Garmin, a Fry Daddy, a cookbook and some other things as well. My mom surprised him with a Wii but I think she enjoys playing it the most. She’s gotten really good at bowling so watch out – if you come over to her house she will challenge you to a match and then proceed to beat the socks off of you.

I gave my brother a couple of CDs and a couple of gift cards to fast food places so he can eat some lunch on my nickel.

That's my brother over on the right looking less than thrilled.
I don't know why but I didn't take any solo shots of him.
He's wearing his paper hat from his Christmas cracker!

My granddad got a gift certificate from Gibson’s because he likes to eat breakfast there. My parents got him some clothes and maybe some cologne. I really can’t remember.

Here's my granddad wearing a toboggan and a paper hat.

Santa brought me a new suitcase for my upcoming trip overseas as well as a couple of new skillets and a weed eater! I blew the motor out in my weed eater this past summer so that was indeed a good gift. I got some other things as well.

My dad got the four of us (him, my mom, my brother and me) a long sleeve t-shirt that says “Property of Parker Family”. I didn’t get a picture of these but we all wore them on New Year’s Eve and I know my mom has a photo of it. Maybe she will send it my way and I can post it for you.

The Tide got some treats and was generally unimpressed with all the Christmas present opening.

It was a really good Christmas and I think everyone enjoyed their gifts. How about you? What was the best gift you gave and/or received?


Melissa said...

Our Christmas was great and so much fun for the kids. My favorite gifts would be the griddler from my hubby and a strand of black pearls from my mom. Favorite gifts that we gave....all of the kids toys..It's fun to see which ones they like the most.

Erika said...

ooo I just love Christmas! Sounds like you got lots of goodies. And yes, you are very good at picking out gifts for people :)
I'm surprised The Tide doesn't like the excitement of Christmas; I figured she'd be excited at all the paper she could eat - haha
I loved all the goodies I received this year, but don't really have a favorite in particular.
P.S. The Parker t-shirts are hilarious!

Kimberly Washer said...

I can't wait to see those parker t-shirts! I love those boots you got your mom! My Christmas is coming in February, so I'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

loved the post everyone got something they liked.
Everyone here enjoyed their presents too. I love giving too and I enjoyed the present from you. I have already read it. Thank you again, yes, you do give impressive gifts.

Candy said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas! Can't wait to see the Parker t-shirt! haha! Hope you are enjoying the snow. :)