Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Random Bag of Crap

I always have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve night. I guess it’s the excitement of Santa coming to town. This past Christmas Eve was no exception. In addition to waiting on Santa, I was also waiting on snow; wondering if it was really going to come (it did).

A little bit after midnight I was tossing and turning and decided to use my phone and peruse the internet. I was selling a pair of BCS National Championship tickets on eBay and decided to check the price. While looking around, I checked my twitter account and noticed that Woot had just posted their new item – a random bag of crap (that is truly what they call it) for $3 plus $5 shipping. This was an offer I was not willing to pass up. I love Woot! I check it every day and Woot t-shirts are my favorite and I have quite a few. I especially love to buy the Woot shirts on mystery shirt day because you pay a small price for a t-shirt and you never know what you’re going to get – for some reason this thrills me and I have been generally pleased with all my mystery shirts.

The random bag of crap is similar to the mystery shirt and the mystery boxes that Erika and I ordered last year. You pay the $8 and you have no idea what you are going to get until it arrives on your doorstep and you open it up to reveal its contents. These things sell out fast too. The random bags of crap on Christmas (beginning at midnight Central time) sold out in about 22 minutes. So, I was thrilled to have gotten through to get one – primarily because I knew it was bound to give me a laugh later.

Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet, my random bag of crap was sitting by my front door when I got home from the gym last night. I shall now reveal its contents!

The random "bag" of crap - I guess it's a box actually

Here are the contents - the clock, candlesticks and lamp were already members of my household. 
They just wanted to be in the picture.

Up first is this PGA combo of two baseball caps and a backpack. They are from a PGA Tournament, although I can’t remember which one; obviously a lesser known tournament. I figure I will offer these items to my dad who is a golfer. These three, I do believe were the best items of all the crap.

The next item I pulled out was a box of shock tape measures and when I say a box of, I mean it. There were 12 in all. Clearly these could be displayed at any convenience store around town.

At least the battery is included; and no, I haven't used one.

The third thing I opened was a box of universal remotes – not just one, but four universal remotes. The batteries were not included with these.

Last and maybe even least were Gold’s gym tote bags – and of course not one, but three!

I thought it was funny that the flash showed up on her butt!
Yes, I realized that is the same humor as a 15-year old boy.
Send help!

So, there you have it, the random bag of crap was truly a random bag of crap. There really were no hidden treasures. It still gave me a lot of laughs and to me it was totally worth the $8 to have something suspenseful arrive on my doorstep. At least I’ll have a few things to stash away as gag gifts or what not. If anyone needs a universal remote or a shock tape measure or a Gold’s Gym tote bag, please give a shout out in the comments and I will reserve one for you. If you’re someone who I don’t know personally please leave your email address as well so I can get in contact with you about how to send you your top of the line shock tape measure. Until next time…


Erika said...

LOL! We are suckers for mysteries, aren't we??? If that universal remote has a sleep timer button, please reserve one for me! Mine doesn't have one and I miss that feature - you know how high tech all my electronic devices are!
So glad you got in on the bag of crap!
p.s. I always having trouble going to sleep on Christmas Eve, too. I still get excited about Santa coming to visit :)

Candy said...

Darn!! I just bought a new remote too!