Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apparently We All Love Chris Christie

When I wrote yesterday's post, Chris Christie had yet to give his speech and judging by the comments (yes, all two of them), y'all enjoyed his speech as much as I did. I agree with Jackie, he looks like he would give a good bear hug. I saw him on an interview with Oprah a few months ago and really liked his enthusiasm. Maybe he will run for president one day. The political conventions always get me fired up and hopeful for America's future. I need someone to remind me to run for delegate in four years. I have always wanted to do that and think it would be a lot of fun to be at the convention. Would you vote for me? This year there is a senior from Madison Academy at the convention and he is writing for the Times and I saw one of his articles earlier this week and it was very well written and it seems like he is having a nice time. I'm a little jealous.

I've got to say, I'm really disappointed in Hurricane Isaac. I was really hoping it would bring a lot of rain our way and even mowed the lawn on Tuesday night in preparation for the deluge of rain the weathercasters said we were going to receive. As it turns out, I don't think we are going to get one drop and we could really use some rain. I'll tell you the one thing I do love about it is all the broadcasters out in the rain looking like they are about to be blown away. The harder they are pelted by rain and wind the better. I'm waiting for one of them to seriously get swept up and away by the strong winds. If you love these crazy broadcasters as much as I do then check this out. I laughed so hard and the videos make it even funnier.

Can we chat for a minute about Christmas decorations? Yes, I realize it is still August and that is precisely my point. Why on earth do stores bring out Christmas items in August? A friend of mine sent out a tweet yesterday saying that Sam's Club already had their Christmas lights on display. The last time I was in Hobby Lobby which was over a month ago, they already were putting up Christmas trees and ornaments. It gets earlier and earlier every year. I want to know what all the rush is about, and who are the people buying Christmas trees in August? Why are they doing it? Can't we wait until after Halloween at least to put out the Christmas stuff? One of the things I love most about Williams-Sonoma is that they do not put out items for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. They do their store sets on Thanksgiving night - I know this because I once was offered and accepted a part-time job for the holidays there and then ended up not working there because my full-time job picked up and offered me some overtime. Anyway, they do not decorate or put out items for the next season until the current season is over. For example, now they have some Halloween items available and will not have anything Thanksgiving related until after Halloween. Why can't every store be like this? I personally think it would make the magic of Christmas a little more magical.

Tonight is the start of football season! As I do every year, I've been counting down the days since 50 days away which was July 11. There will be a couple of college games on tonight and also Madison Academy starts their season on the road at Tanner. My dad and I are planning to make an appearance. Jackie is going to come over Saturday to watch the Alabama-Michigan game and we are going to fill ourselves on chips, salsa and guacamole! I can't wait.

Not only is football season upon us, but so is Labor Day - the unofficial end to summer. This year has seriously flown by! I don't know about the rest of you, but I am ready for a three-day weekend! This year Labor Day also happens to be Jackie's birthday - how lucky is she to get the day off for her birthday? sounds like the best ever birthday present to me. In September I once again have the good fortune of being able to park in the United Way parking spot for the month. You may recall that last year during our United Way campaign I won four different months of parking in this spot which is close to the building. This is my fourth and final month. Our campaign is usually in October and with any luck I will win another month or four.

My friend Candy is having baby number four soon and you can go online and make your pick for when you think she will have Quatre (That's four in French, not the name of le bebe by the way) and also whether you think she will have a boy or a girl. They did this for number three as well. This is one of the things I love about Candy and her husband - when they are having baby they don't like to find out the gender, they like for it to be a surprise. If I am ever blessed to be with child, I want to do the same thing. This is one of life's greatest surprises, why ruin it by finding out the gender beforehand?

I think I mentioned that when the allergist told me I was allergic to nothing that he also told me there was no need for me to take Allegra anymore as it wouldn't do me any good. As it turns out - I had a half-full bottle and four unopened bottles that I bought when Allegra was on sale at Publix a few weeks ago. I tried to take them back to Publix and to Wal-Mart but needed a receipt at both places, which they said they could look up if I knew the date I purchased the product (um, no). Long story short, A friend of mine at work knew of someone who takes Allegra and I sold the four and a half bottles to that person for $20. So, at least I got some of my money back.

One final thing, the sister of my collegie roomie Melissa had surgery yesterday to have a brain tumor removed. The tumor was related to her breast cancer and was larger than the doctors first thought. Please remember sweet Dana in your prayers this week.

That's it for today folks, be sure and stop by tomorrow for a book review and giveaway!


Erika said...

Ugh - I cannot believe they are already putting out Xmas stuff. People - quit buying it this early so they will quit putting it out!!!
I've put my "vote" in regarding my predictions for Lamica Quatre :) Fun!!!

I will be thinking of Dana.

Jackie said...

I hate hate hate it when stores start putting Christmas stuff out this early! Looking forward to this weekend and vegging out while watching some football!
Dana will be in my thoughts as well.

Candy said...

Glad I had some time to read up on your blog! I see Lamica Baby made the news :) Thanks for the I'll go check and see if anyone else has guessed. Last time I looked I had maybe 15.